More Quarterback Runs

I know Sarkisian's offense is designed for the quarterback to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball. Generally, I favor this pro-style approach. But isn't it a needlessly one dimensional strategy? Sam ran. Colt ran. Vince ran. Arguably, the most famous play in the history of Texas Longhorn football is a quarterback run into the end zone of the Rose Bowl.

It seems like our scheme is eliminating all of the yards that are available when we drop back to pass and the receivers are all covered. The QB is back there, in space, with room to maneuver. I don't want him taking a million hits, but what's wrong with him running to daylight with the ball in his hands five times a game or so? Move the chains. Build confidence. Frustrate the defense. Give them something else to think about. It's another weapon we should have in our arsenal.

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