Fearless Prediction - KU

Sad to be right last week. And I'm not hopeful this week either. The Texas offense has left the building. And I blame Sark's play calling more than anything. Texas D was one of the best we've seen in years and I don't blame them at all, at all, for the loss. TCU is good, but come on, we laid an egg out there.

For now, I don't have any better news. I think Kansas will do something similar to Texas. The thing is, Texas hasn't scored a TD in like 6 quarters of ball and their TD rate in the second half is abysmal. Texas is on the road and I don't expect a great game. Quinn is off for some reason, X is dropping balls and Sark hasn't been good at finding the hottest hand (JWhitt).

I think Texas scores some in this game, but it won't be enough. Two missed holding calls in a row and I expect Kansas to beat Texas in the last few minutes. I think Kansas wins 17-13.

Hook 'Em!

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