Fearless Prediction - TCU

It was nice to be wrong last week as Texas barely held on to defeat Kansas State. And I have to say, Ewers is 4-1 when he plays a complete game, the defense has improved tremendously over last year and I'm still unclear on how the coaching staff plans their adjustments after halftime where Texas has struggled to keep their foot on the gas when they come out of the locker room.

I loved that Coach Sark used Bijan more in the last game and I expect more of the same this week. TCU has given up some big rushing yards this season, and Bijan had one of his best games against TCU last year. The advantage to using Bijan more in this game is that it keeps Dugon off the field and methodically wears down the defense. I think if Texas can manage the clock well and stop the run as well as they have been this year, they have a chance.

The problem is, I can't bet on that chance just yet. Ewers has made some crazy throws that just seem to defy physics, yet he continues to struggle deep. Additionally, TCU has knocked out almost every starting quarterback they've played. Quite simply, triple team Bijan and the TCU offense should be able to leverage that.

I think Texas has a shot in this one with home field advantage, but haven't seen enough from the Horns to believe they're quite there yet. I have to go with my head and not my heart on this one, TCU 31 - Texas 28.

Hook 'Em!

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