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LOOK: Texas RB Jonathon Brooks trolls everyone with Portal Madness post

Well played.

NCAA Football: Texas at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the type of post that can make a fan’s heart sink — whether it’s a decommitment post or, more topically for the first day of the NCAA transfer portal window, the goodbye post announcing entrance into the portal.

These edit posts have a certain look that can catch the eye when scanning the timeline. There’s a at least one picture of the player and a large block of block, sometimes even easily legible. They have a certain tone, one that starts like Monday’s post from Texas Longhorns running back Jonathon Brooks, a sophomore who is expected to contend for the starting role next season.

“I want to begin by saying how much I love my school and it’s [sic] fans, the last two years have been an unforgettable time and I want to thank all the coaches and staff for helping me grow as a player. I want to thank all my teammates who have also helped me grow as a person and become the best player I can be,” Brooks wrote.

Boilerplate stuff, and scary when considering how important Brooks is projected to be a running back room set to replace Roschon Johnson and almost certainly Bijan Robinson, too.

“With that being said I want to announce that the best place to catch up on the 2023 transfer portal madness is on I’m not in the portal, but lots of talented guys are!”

That’s a heart attack narrowly averted, but well played, Brooks and SurlyHorns.

And just remember — the first day of Portal Madness may well become the college football version of April Fool’s Day.