2022 Tournament Reset

We got over our biggest obstacle: winning A game in the NCAA tourney. Season is, for us, a success.

Now we’re in the bonus. I think we can put aside our doomsday, hyper-critical message board salvos and enjoy/talk about the rest of the tournament. There is a very good chance we will lose to Purdue—they look like a bad matchup for us, but let’s talk about it. It’s fun to have jumped over the excessively low bar that Texas men’s bball had set and wonder if this might be a better year than anticipated. A second weekend or more type of year.

Thoughts for the rest of the tourney?

Personally: I’m stoked that Baylor lost, BIG XII is still representing, and I think we can find a way to take out Purdue. We don’t have a ton of size, but we have enough big-ish guys to frustrate Purdue and absorb foul trouble if we go hack-a-giant. Between Bishop, Brock, Allen, and Disu, I think we can limit Purdue in the paint and frustrate the rest of the team enough to get off their game. Hook ‘Em.

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