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BON Roundtable: Texas Orange-White game

What is the BON staff looking forward to in tomorrow’s scrimmage?

NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

The Orange-White spring game is on Saturday, kicking off at 6 p.m. Central on the Longhorn Network. Let’s kick off this roundtable with are you team orange or team white?

Cameron Parker (@camerondparker) - Give me the burnt orange all the live long day. The ice whites are clean but you can’t beat the orange is just a signature design in my opinion. For those who want to switch it up or add black, we are not Oregon or Maryland.

Gerald Goodridge (@ghgoodridge) - Storm Troopers. Icy White. Road Whites. Whatever you call them, the white unis all the way.

Daniel Seahorn (@DanielSeahorn) - I’ve always been a fan of the icy white look. Give me team white.

What player or players will you be watching the most during tomorrow’s scrimmage?

Cameron - Like everyone else, I’ll be watching Hudson Card and Quinn Ewers the most. Is Card making decisions quicker? How does he go through his progressions? For Ewers, I just want to see what he looks like. It’s hard to have fair expectations for him considering all the hype surrounding him.

Gerald - Obviously quarterback for sure, but in a similar vein I am very curious to see what the secondary will look like after the transfers and position moves. Too often last year a player was lost during the transitions between defensive backs, leading to some big plays. I want to see some progress with communication and cohesion.

Daniel - Obviously I will be watching the quarterbacks closely to see how they have progressed this spring, but aside from them, I will be watching the trenches with a close eye. Games are won and lost along the offensive and defensive lines and if Texas wants to be back they will have to show rapid improvement on both sides of the ball.

Are we going to learn anything new from Sark’s offense or PK’s defense?

Cameron - Doubtful.

Gerald - I think we’ll get to see what the base package looks like with multiple receiving threats. Also apparently they’ve incorporated more bootlegs into the offense, so I guess that’s new? I don’t expect them to pull out all of the stops in a 100-play session though.

Daniel - You typically keep a pretty vanilla game plan for the spring game, so that you don’t tip your hand to opponents down the road. I am not expecting to see anything too earth-shattering from either side of the ball on Saturday.

Give me y’alls prediction for tomorrow…

Cameron - Going to skip the score because who really cares but I predict that like in the years past, we won’t see anything groundbreaking from either side of the ball and will overanalyze every throw Card and Ewers make. I can’t wait!

Gerald - My prediction is that people will cherry-pick moments from the scrimmage and argue about who the starting quarterback is for the next four months. On a serious note, my prediction is we will likely see a more optimized version of Steve Sarkisian’s offense against a defense that needs to add a few more key pieces. My biggest hope is that there are fewer mental mistakes and no injuries. Let me see those two things and I’ll consider it a win.

Daniel - I don’t ever pay attention to scores in scrimmages, but I will predict that we will see some good things, some bad things, and some things that make you go “Meh”. It’s important not to overreact to these kinds of scrimmages, but I am sure people will find a way to do so anyway. The most important thing is to get everyone some snaps to put on film and come out of the game healthy. If you do that then the program wins as a whole.