"Gimme more NIL money or I'm leaving"

Yep, someone actually said that out loud. Or at least his NIL agent did. I follow ACC basketball pretty closely but never heard of this guy from Miami (though he is a two-time All-ACC player). Story is in Sports Illustrated at this link

Some quotes (since the word count is not long enough for a valid FanPost yet)

Miami Hurricanes guard Isaiah Wong will enter the transfer portal on Friday if his name, image and likeness (NIL) compensation isn't increased, his NIL agent, Adam Papas of NEXT Sports Agency, told ESPN on Thursday.

Welp, that seems clear enough. It's not that he isn't ALREADY getting NIL money; billionaire John Ruiz already has 111 (count 'em, 111) NIL deals with Hurricane athletes, including Wong. But Wong's people want to renegotiate.

Papas [NIL agent] says he recently negotiated an NIL deal for Kansas State transfer Nijel Pack that included $800,000 over two years plus a car [to come to Miami].

So what's the hangup?

"Isaiah is under contract," Ruiz said in a text message to ESPN. "He has been treated by LifeWallet exceptionally well. If that is what he decides, I wish him well, however, I DO NOT renegotiate! I cannot disclose the amount, but what I can say is that he was treated very fairly."

Crazy times in college sports right now. And we can probably guess why Caleb Johnson turned down Texas for Miami last week - he probably got a better NIL offer.

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