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BON Roundtable: Texas Orange-White game takeaways

Hot takes, predictions, thoughts, and more from the annual scrimmage!

Texas Spring Game Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Let’s overreact about the spring game, shall we? First off, the biggest takeaway following the scrimmage?

Cameron Parker (@camerondparker) - The offense can put up the same numbers, if not better, than the hot start to last season but again it comes down to the offensive line. Sark has reinforcements coming in for the fall but until everyone gets their sealegs, Card or Ewers might running for their life to start.

Daniel Seahorn (@DanielSeahorn) - The Texas offensive skill positions are as talented as they have been in some time. If the quarterback position is better this year than Texas is going to be able to hang some crooked numbers.

Curry Shoff (@willcurrys) - This offense is two or three competent OL players away from being one of the most explosive offenses in college football. This defense is, well, the defense.

Give me one hot take…

Cameron - Quinn Ewers will have the best season at QB for Texas since Sam Ehlinger in 2018.

Daniel - Texas will produce a 3,000-yard passer, 1,000-yard rusher, and a 1,000-yard receiver in 2022.

Curry - Only one? Deciding between 2022 Texas football going 11-1 or 2022 Texas football being the first team in college football to score 100 points in a game (while simultaneously giving up 80).

What is one good thing you saw that has you optimistic for the season and one bad thing that has you pessimistic?

Cameron - I’m worried about special teams. Looooong ways to go until Texas opens the season but I think we’ll miss Cameron Dicker quickly. The skill positions have me optimistic. Last year, outside of Bijan and Worthy it felt like the offense was very meh and lacked explosive players. We know Jordan Whittington can be a playmaker, the question is if he can stay on the field but we saw some glimpses of Isaiah Neyor and Ja’Tavion Sanders. Plus, Roschon Johnson and Jonathon Brooks! But can the offensive line protect Card and Ewers long enough to get the ball to them?

Daniel - I’m optimistic that the offense has enough talent to score points and compete. If the quarterback position is going right then Sarkisian is going to have them running the touchdown play plenty. I am still a bit pessimistic about the pass rush defensively. Texas needs to greatly improve in that department if they want to look any better on that side of the ball.

Curry - I think the clear positive is the depth of explosive playmakers on offense. Having guys like Bijan Robinson, Roschon Johnson, Keilan Robinson, Xavier Worthy, Jordan Whittington, Isaiah Neyor, Agiye Hall, Jaheel Billingsley, and Ja’Tavion Sanders being run by Quinn Ewers (and yes, I think this is Quinn’s team) – my God. Another year working with Sarkisian to instill his offense will only mean that this offense is *that* much better.

That being said, Texas needs some improvement in the trenches and the idea of relying on true freshmen to be OL depth is concerning. Texas might address OL in the portal — and I’m not totally pessimistic that a year under Kyle Flood won’t prove advantageous for the OL already in Austin — but if this season is going to be Texas in shootouts, quality depth & experience is essential.

What did you make of Sark’s new format for the Orange-White scrimmage? Likes? Dislikes?

Cameron - I’m curious if Sark would’ve resorted to full game format (or close to it) if the Horns had depth at the OL position. From an entertainment perspective, watching mock punt returns and field goals is not enjoyable but we did get what everyone wanted to see: Quinn Ewers throw the football.

Daniel - I was pretty indifferent about it, to be honest. The team came out of it healthy and that’s all you can really ask for since it is all eye candy for the fans anyway.

Curry - It’s April — I’ll take Texas football whichever form you want to give it to me.