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Bevo’s Daily Roundup: Texas HC Steve Sarkisian says he failed in establishing player, coach connections in first year

Plus: Texas baseball takes on Texas Southern tonight

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Texas Longhorns head coach Steve Sarkisian opened up about the ups and downs of his first season leading the program earlier this week, during the Texas Fight Tour’s first leg.

“We had eight months and if you really, really want to critique a program, you have to look at that program from A to Z,” Sarkisian said, according to 247Sports. “Where I failed, quite frankly, in our program, is I failed at connecting with our team and our team connecting with one another at this time last year. Why and how did that happen? We were in the north end zone. I was on the seventh floor, up in a cubicle. Our players were down in the visiting locker room. We would meet as a team on the eighth floor of the concourse in the north end zone where that big bar is. You know where the Tito’s sign is? (Where) the Deep Eddy sign is? That was right behind me with a pop-up screen and our players were in card table chairs. Then, the position coaches met with their players in the suites on the eighth floor. We didn’t have a natural place to really connect with our players and I failed in that spot because I didn’t generate enough opportunity for our team to grow as one. That’s what culture is, right? That’s what we’re talking about and that has to grow organically.”


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  • Texas baseball takes on Texas Southern tonight at 6:30pm.