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Texas reveals Moody Court design

The simplistic court design is a combination of four submissions and input from the coaches.

Texas athletics

At long last, the Texas Longhorns revealed the Moody Center court after Truist invited fans to help design its new look. The final result is a combination of four submissions that won the Truist Court Design contest and input from men’s basketball coach Chris Beard and women’s basketball coach Vic Schaefer.

The simplistic design features burnt orange around the court with a large burnt orange Longhorns logo at center court. One baseline features TEXAS in large lettering and the other features LONGHORNS in large lettering. White Big 12 logos, which will in short time presumably be exchanged for SEC logos, are beneath both foul lines.

The new look for the Moody Center represents a significant departure from the court at the Erwin Center, which featured a white state of Texas behind the large Longhorns logo at center court, burnt orange in the free-throw lane, and small white Longhorns logos at each corner of the court.

Truist will also permanently replicate the Moody Center court in the Austin area by refurbishing a public outdoor court.