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BON Roundtable: How big is the Jordan Addison miss?

Plus, thoughts on the NCAA’s new NIL guidelines

NCAA Football: Peach Bowl-Michigan State at Pittsburgh Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Texas target Jordan Addison will land at USC, despite a late push for the Pittsburgh wideout. How big is this miss for the Longhorn’s offense?

Curry- Would have been an extremely nice-to-have addition but Texas should be OK at the position so I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

Gerald - Two things can be true: Landing Addison would have been a big win for Texas, but also Texas will probably be fine. If Texas hadn’t already upgraded the pass catchers, I’d be singing a different tune. Adding Neyor, Hall, and Billingslly raised the floor of the passing game in a major way, so at this point Addison would’ve done more to raise an already high ceiling.

Texas target Jordan Addison visited the 40 acres two weeks ago, reportedly riding around Austin in Bijan Robinson’s Lamborghini and enjoying Raisin Canes. That leaves the critical question: where do you take them to eat if you were hosting a high-priority Texas recruit?

Curry Shoff (@willcurrys) - I saw a lot of hate for Raising Cane’s after Addison posted that photo but I thought it was a perfect quick stop for a recruiting visit if you’ve never had it. I have very peculiar Austin taste so if it was my recruiting weekend, I would hit some combination of the following:

  • El Patio
  • Matt’s El Rancho
  • Dirty’s
  • Salt Lick
  • Polvo’s
  • Scholz
  • Shoal Creek Saloon
  • Cisco’s
  • Counter Cafe
  • Thundercloud (of course)
  • House Park BBQ (If/when it gets rebuilt)
  • Magnolia Cafe
  • P. Terry’s or Hat Creek
  • Juan in a Million
  • Bert’s BBQ (Is it still around?)
  • 24 Diner
  • Plucker’s in West Campus
  • Cabo Bob’s
  • The Jester first-floor Wendy’s

Take me to a few of these spots and I’ll commit same-day.

Gerald Goodridge (@ghgoodridge) - I’m not a Cane’s fan, but showing off Bijan’s NIL partner is not a bad thing. It’s been a MINUTE since I’ve gotten to explore the culinary scene in Austin, so take this with a grain of salt. Juan in a Million for breakfast. Taking someone to El Patio to give them both TexMex and the pictures of icons eating there would be pretty solid move. If he’s in town, make sure VY is wearing his championship ring and take them to dinner at VY’s may be a solid decision as well. You probably want to get BBQ as well, but everybody has an opinion and I don’t want to deal with that in the comments so [Insert Your Preferred Austin BBQ Spot].

The NCAA issued new guidelines for boosters regarding NIL but there are still a lot of lingering unknowns and gray areas. Are you okay with how the rules are set now? Or wanting more boundaries set such as transfer windows, caps on how much players can make, etc..

Curry - The current version of college football is hilarious and I am enjoying it greatly. It is providing daily content in the heart of the offseason – which at the end of the day is all we are truly looking for. Pure chaos is tied to the core of college football and boosters inventing sham 501c3 nonprofit organizations to execute extremely transparent pay-for-play transactions and local Lamborghini dealerships throwing out free cars is perfect for this new world. Bravo to the NCAA – no notes.

Gerald - The toothpaste is already out of the tube. We’re doing capitalism in college football now and so we’ve got to do it. Let the market determine the pay scale for folks. If some tech millionaire wants to spend their money on one year of a wide receiver so they can flex on their friends at the country club, who am I to say that they can’t do that? I do think that a transfer window is smart for about 1001 reasons, but as far as the NIL side I don’t think there’s any substantive way to do it. The NCAA really can’t find a way to substantively enforce its existing rules, so I don’t know if adding additional layers ontop of it will do anything other than create more rules for people to find loopholes in. You can’t enforce tampering if Caleb Williams is just texting his friend from the East Coast. This is a hilarious and wonderful reminder that “oversight” has two meanings.

The NCAA Football Oversight Committee recommended conferences no longer be required to have divisions hold a championship game, opening the door for conferences such as the ACC, Big 10, Pac-12, and SEC to host a conference title game featuring the two best teams. What took them so long?

Curry - There is no greater rivalry in sports than Clemson vs. Wake Forest on a cold December night in Charlotte for a spot in either the CFB Playoff or the Duke’s Mayo Bowl. Please consider what we are LOSING because of this common sense recommendation.

Gerald - What took them so long is that the NCAA is always about 10-40 years behind what should actually happen with their sports (see, Women’s NCAA Tournament and March Madness). The funniest part about this is setting the stage for the SEC and Big 10, if not more, to break off and do their own thing, which I am fine with.