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3-star TE Spencer Shannon commits to Texas

The Longhorns grabbed the massive prospect out of California following an official visit over the weekend.


The Texas Longhorns picked up another offensive piece Monday with the commitment of Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei tight end Spencer Shannon following a big visit weekend.

The three-star prospect is a literal massive human being, coming in at 6’7, 240 pounds, giving the staff yet another “large human” with flexibility on the roster. Shannon was a visitor to the Forty Acres over the weekend, picking the Longhorns over several in-state options, including the UCLA Bruins and California Golden Bears.

His commitment marks No. 6 on the year for the 2023 class and just the first out-of-state prospect to join the group.

Texas seems positioned to take multiple tight ends in the 2023 group, with Isidore Newman tight end Will Randle also scheduled for an official visit. Randle, notably, is the teammate and friend of No. 1 quarterback Arch Manning, who is also scheduled to visit the Longhorns.


Big-bodied tight end (reported 6’7, 240 pounds) that is used both as an attached blocker to the LOS and also gets flexed out to the slot. Definitely has the frame of a guy who is going to fill out more once he hits a collegiate training program and it won’t surprise me if he gets up to around 255-260 in time. Provides a big target in the passing game at his size and shows reliable hands. Shows ability to pick up yards after the catch and is able to shed defenders as a ball carrier. Doesn’t show a ton as a pass catcher on tape, but that has more to do with Mater Dei having a stud at running back. Shows some upside as a receiver, but will need more opportunities to show it consistently. He’s a work in progress as a blocker. Was tasked with doing a lot of dirty work to help spring Raleek Brown (USC signee) on big runs. More of a shielder as blocker at this point and needs to improve on providing a punch instead of just placing his hands on defenders and trying to steer them. Not going to be confused with George Kittle as far as a drive blocker goes. Must improve on sustaining blocks as at times he allows defenders to leak back into the play. Shows the willingness and fight as a blocker, but will need some fine tuning technique wise and will need to improve his play strength heading to the next level. Overall, Shannon is a bit raw, but you can definitely see the intrigue with him as a player. He’s a guy whose best football is ahead of him and will only get better with coaching and opportunities to be showcased in the passing game. He has the look of a guy who could be a big target over the middle of the field as well as in the red zone areas.