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BON Roundtable: Texas Baseball, Horns down, and Arch Manning

Can Texas add their seventh National Championship? BON Roundtable gives their predictions...

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COLLEGE BASEBALL: MAY 01 Oklahoma State at Texas Photo by David Buono/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For the 38th time in program history, the Texas Longhorns have advanced to the College World Series. If you just focus on the three main sports in college athletics — football, basketball, and baseball — how does this compare to UNC’s 21 Final Four Appearances or Alabama’s 18 National Championships?

Daniel Seahorn (@DanielSeahorn) - I’d say it’s closer to UNC’s final appearances than Alabama’s national championship tally. They are all incredible achievements and show a mark of overall excellence as well as consistency.

Gerald Goodridge (@ghgoodridge) - This is tough. I think I would probably put it between Alabama and North Carolina. It’s hard to put anything above a championship, but it seems like for the elite programs in their respective sports, making a Final Four in hoops and the Men’s College World Series in baseball seem to be the measure of whether or not you can consider the season a success. While championships are the expectations for both programs, the floor for what fans will say is a “good season” seems to be those two measures.

Cameron Parker (@camerondparker) - I’d say it’s in the same ballpark as Kentucky’s 38 Elite Eight appearances.

Texas is the betting favorite to win the College World Series. Do you agree with Vegas?

Daniel - I was caught a bit off guard when I saw the betting odds personally. While it’s probably going to get me flamed around these parts, I would probably drop some money on A&M based on how they are playing right now. With that said, the Texas offense is going to give itself a chance against anyone it plays and you can never really count them out until the final out is recorded. If the pitching staff can prove reliable in Omaha they will certainly be a tough out for anyone remaining in the field.

Gerald - I am the world’s worst gambler, so please don’t use this in any netting decisions you’re making. The side of the bracket Texas is on features three of the hottest teams in the game right now and all of them can absolutely put up runs. The two arms Texas is depending on STRUGGLED in the Super Regional, which is what makes me wary of picking Texas here to win. Now that I’ve spent all of that time hedging if Texas plays like they did in Game 3 in Greenville, they’re going to be hard to beat.

Cameron - If you trust analytics, there’s a lot more value in the other teams below the Horns. A tad bit interesting that Stanford isn’t the favorite but I understand where Vegas is coming from.

If you’re David Pierce, would you rather see Texas A&M or Oklahoma in Game 2? And with Arkansas also making the trip to Omaha, what percentage of fans will have carpel tunnel syndrome from all the “Horns Downs” flashes after leaving the CWS?

Daniel - This is a tough call because I can see people making cases with either team. Both teams have played well in the postseason and seem to be playing their best baseball so it’s a damned if you do, damned if don’t the situation. I’ll say Oklahoma strictly because Texas has shown they can beat them head to head already this year.

Gerald - Oklahoma for sure. Texas is 2-2 with them on the season, with one of those games featuring pitchers that will likely not see the mound in Omaha. Frankly, that A&M/OU game is one of those that I would rather stub my toe every morning for the rest of my life than pick a winner. As far as the Horns Down thing goes, I honestly don’t mind it. If you’re willing to make your entire identity for a three-hour game (or a full weekend) meat peeping, who am I to shame you for that?

Cameron - Oklahoma might be the hottest team in the country at the moment but I still would rather see them than A&M. We’ve seen Texas’ ability to beat them already this year and I think they’re out for a little revenge after the Big 12 Tournament. If you’re a Texas fan, prepare for the Horns Down every time the camera pans to the crowd.

Does Texas Baseball add a 7th National Championship? Or fall short once again?

Daniel - If I have to pick Texas or the field I’ll say the field strictly because my confidence has not been made whole with their bullpen just yet.

Gerald - See above about the betting thing. My heart tells me Texas. My gut tells me Texas. My head tells me “you’ve been hurt before.” Tennessee being out DEFINITELY increases those odds.

Cameron - I think Texas can reach the CWS Final but they got the short end of the stick with this bracket draw. My pick is another runner-up finish to Ole Miss.

Switching over to Texas Football - Arch Madness comes to Austin this weekend with the 5-star QB taking an official visit. Do you like where Texas sits in Manning’s recruitment?

Daniel - The fact that Texas is still firmly in this recruitment despite coming off a 5-7 year indicates that Steve Sarkisian and his staff have done a hell of a job recruiting Arch and his family for some time. It’s hard not to like where Texas sits entering the weekend knowing the buzz that has surrounded this recruitment for months on top of the fact his high school teammate is trending to Longhorns as well. Could he end up going to Georgia? Absolutely. But it’s abundantly clear that there is a genuine fondness for the Longhorns and now Sark and his crew will get the last official visit on the docket to try to seal things up.

Gerald - I don’t have any sources or anything of the sort, so I can’t really say anything boldly. I am aware that his best friend was just Crystal Balled to Texas, which may not mean much, but it could mean something. I’ve also seen other elite recruits with who Arch is seemingly connected with saying positive things about Texas, but social media chatter is just that. Mike Roach told us on the pod a few weeks back that he feels confident with Arch and Texas, so I’ll ride Mike’s coattails and say that I feel good about where Texas stands.

Cameron - I love how Manning is taking his last official visit to Austin with a few of his teammates and close friends. It seems like everyone in the recruiting biz favors the Longhorns but also the Manning’s are also playing this close to the chest. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes his decision sooner rather than later and if that’s the case, I like Texas.