Leach has a plan to fix College Football

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Mike Leach has a plan to fix college football. At least, the madness that is the marriage of name, image and likeness and the transfer portal.

Have patience, and work with him. You might just like The Leach Plan.

"I see that look you’re giving me," Leach told me last week during SEC Media Days, in between his rotations of talking about his sneaky good Mississippi State team. "I’m telling you, this can work."

There are no answers here, right? We all know the rules to NIL — and the only rules are there are no rules.

No guidelines, no best practices. No chance for any coach at any school to get a firm grip on paradigm change that’s whizzing by.

For a sport that had been so regimented for so long — and arguably, at the expense of players — the sudden switch to free-for-all has knocked college football sideways.

Enter, the aloof one. The thinker beneath the quirky shell.

Sit back and soak it in.

"What we have right now is unmitigated free agency and a bidding war," Leach said.

So how do you stop it? Leach says split players into two specific groups: student-athletes and professionals. Players choose their group.

The student-athlete track, Leach estimates, is for "about 95 percent or more" of the current college players. They will sign and play under the current scholarship format — but with a back-loaded bonus structure.

"You come to school, get your full scholarship and stipend," Leach said. "You can’t be cut for playing ability, but can be cut for breaking rules. You can’t be traded, you don’t get drafted."

Thoughts? Had not seen this discussed here but obviously there needs to be some consistent rules across conferences and states if this is going to work.

Plan to fix CFB

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