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LOOK: Texas football teases new uniforms for 2022 season

The Longhorns appear to have some subtle uniform changes for the first time in nearly a decade.

Texas football

In the college football world, there a few uniforms more iconic than the Texas Longhorns, and that means the Longhorns have rarely altered that look, but a Thursday tweet teased some small alterations to the uniform head coach Steve Sarkisian’s team will wear in 2022.

For the first time since 2012, the Longhorns logo will not appear at the neck of the uniform, with the removal providing a more clean look with the Nike swoosh and the Big 12 logo now alone on either side of the collar.

In a more significant change, there are no visible secondary numbers on the top of the shoulder pads or on the sleeves. The last similar change also came in 2013, when the secondary numbers were moved from the sleeves to the shoulder pads, but if the secondary numbers do not appear anywhere on the jersey in 2022, it will be for the first time since they were originally added in 1977.

It’s also possible that the shade of burnt orange is slightly different, although it could just be the lighting in the picture.

Both changes make for a cleaner look that more closely echoes throwback uniforms the Longhorns have worn in recent years with the removal of the secondary numbers one of the most significant uniform changes Texas has made in nearly 50 years.