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BON Roundtable: Predictions for the 2022 season

Plus, how much playing time should Hudson Card get?

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Quinn Ewers is your QB1. But Steve Sarkisian said this week that Hudson Card will probably be needed throughout the season. Do you want Sark to give Ewers and Card equal playing time against ULM?

Daniel Seahorn (@DanielSeahorn) - No. For me, it is important that Ewers gets all of the live reps he can so he can get the experience and exposure he is going to need to develop over the course of the season. The juggling of the quarterbacks last year was a bit chaotic and if Sark learned anything from last year, he will allow his young signal caller to experience the ups and downs without having to look over his shoulder worrying that he might get yanked after some rough patches.

Cameron Parker (@camerondparker) - After last year's mess with Casey Thompson and Hudson Card, Sark needs to learn from his mistakes and ride with Ewers through the good and bad. The lack of a clear starter divided the locker room this season and entering year 2, Sark needs to have everyone on the same page. Ewers is the more talented QB with a higher ceiling than Card but also seems to have won the locker room over and has a great relationship with the skill players. I understand playing Card at times, especially during blowouts but I’d like to see Ewers play the majority of the game against ULM.

Gerald Goodridge (@ghgoodridge) - I think Sark is probably saying that in the sense of people get banged up in football games and it’s probable Card will be needed. One of my favorite moments of the Tom Herman era was Shane Buechele coming in for Sam Ehlinger against Baylor and holding the line. It’s one of the reasons why I’m a forever fan of Buechele. And this is not meant to be a shot at Hudson, because if the shoe was on the other foot, I’d say the same thing. I’m not for the QB shuffle situation we saw a year ago.

Cody Daniel (@CodyDanielSBN) - Definitely not. Alternating quarterbacks is only beneficial if you’re the backup, or in this case, Hudson Card. Sark named Ewers QB1 with the understanding that there will be growing pains, so let your young quarterback learn through the experience without the pressure of another quarterback peering over his shoulder on every series. If not, Ewers won’t be able to develop the kind of rhythm and comfort needed to be successful.

Prediction time: Where does Texas finish in the Big 12 this season?

Daniel - My prediction is that Texas will finish with an improved record after the debacle of a season in 2021. The Big 12 is up for grabs in a lot of ways in 2022 and while I don’t necessarily think the Longhorns are going to make a run at the Big 12 title because of youth and inexperience, I think they have a chance to notch 7-8 wins and show upward trajectory. This year will still require some patience in a lot of ways for the Longhorn fan base, but I think they will be rewarded in the long haul as long as the team is able to hold up their end of the bargain on the field this year.

Cameron - As much as I want to guzzle the kool-aid and pick Texas to make it all the way to Arlington, I won’t do it. It’s still a learning year for a very young roster. My prediction is Texas finishes around 4th this season behind Baylor, Oklahoma State, and either Oklahoma or Kansas State.

Gerald - I’ve been predicting a crabs in a barrel year for the Big 12 for the last couple of months and I don’t plan on stopping now. I would not be shocked to see Texas heading into the final game of the regular season against Baylor with a 6-2 conference record and a shot to play in Arlington with a win because of tiebreaker rules. I could also see a scenario where Texas heads into that game 5-3 and needs to win to stay out of the bottom half of the conference. I think my honest prediction is somewhere in the range of third to fifth in the league, depending on health.

Cody – There’s too many uncertainties, not just in Austin but elsewhere, for me to really feel confident about any pick. But I think the Big 12 should be fairly wide open this year. Texas should be in the conversation for a trip to Arlington, but I think they’re still a couple pieces away and will end up just on the outside looking in, maybe third or fourth in the Big 12.

The Horns will finish the regular season with a record of ____ and play in the ____ Bowl

Daniel - 8-4 and will end up in Alamo or Texas bowl.

Cameron - 8-4 and play in the Alama Bowl. I’m penciling in a loss to Alabama and Oklahoma State with Iowa State, Kansas State, and Baylor lurking.

Gerald - 8-4 in the Alamo Bowl. Yay Riverwalk!

Cody - I have Texas at 8-4 this year, so the Alamo Bowl is most likely.

It’s Week 0 in College Football with a few former Longhorns playing and coaching, including Casey Thompson and Mack Brown. Will you be watching any of the games? Or are you waiting until the real games start in Week 1?

Daniel - We’ve been football deprived for long enough. I will absolutely be watching.

Cameron - Oh yes. I consider myself a sicko and will be sitting on my butt all day Saturday consuming terrible college football. I’m interested to see how Casey Thompson plays at Nebraska and even though he’s been very vocal against Texas, I’m still wishing the best for him.

Gerald - I’ve been watching old games on LHN and YouTube for the last six weeks, of course I’m watching this weekend. I’m going to watch from Nebraska/Northwestern at 11:30 all the way to Nevada/New Mexico State at 9:30 and everything in between. We’re freaking back baby!

Cody - It’s college football, of course I’m watching.