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Longhorn Republic Podcast: Predicting 2022

We finish out our season previews with the storylines we’re watching and our final predictions for this year.

Texas Spring Game Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

It’s the first week of the regular season, so it’s time for us to finish our previews of the 2022 season by taking a look at the home team, the Texas Longhorns.

We close out our position-by-position previews with the defensive back and special teams, before moving on to our hopes and predictions for 2022. What will the secondary look like now that it reflects the coaching staff’s ideals for body types and technique? Can it become an asset for the team enhancing what they are able to do in the other facets of the scheme because of the shored-up back end?

As it relates to special teams, the talent for the returners is evident, with speed and agility all over the team, but the kickers might be one of the biggest stories to watch of the year. Jeff Banks has to find someone to fill all three spots and may end up doing it with three different players.

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Intro and Outro: Earth, Wind, Fire ( Ryan Little / CC BY-SA 4.0)