Good Sportsmanship, Locker Room Temperature, and Marching Band Seats

When we play games at home, I want a competitive advantage as much as any other Longhorn fan. Having said that, I also wish to guard our reputation as an exemplary university that plays by the rules and demonstrates class and dignity.

Is there any truth to the rumors about the AC not working in the Visiting Team's Locker Room on Saturday? We heard this claim back in 2019 when LSU came to town. Now we're hearing it again. Is this the work of some rogue fan intentionally sabotaging the HVAC unit in the Visiting Team Locker Room? Is UT looking the other way—with a wink and a nudge?

Is the Marching Band placement a hill on which to die? TCU got upset about it a while back, and now Alabama was so irate they just didn't even bring the band at all. I certainly don't want to interfere with the home team hearing the signals. There should indeed be a home field advantage. But I wonder if our approach to these issues might be beyond the pale.

Don't misunderstand me. I want to win. I don't mind creating some home field advantage issues. I just don't want us to earn a football reputation as a dirty team that resorts to taking cheap shots.

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