Fearless Predictions - UTSA

Finally! Finally! Finally! Texas had the fight we've all been looking for for years. The Longhorns played hard and competed for a full 4 quarters and went toe to toe with what some are saying is the best team ever. And while I won't go that far, i do think Texas showed us, and the world something last Saturday in Austin. Granted, I'm still not drinking Kook Aid. Texas has a history of playing to their competition. We get up big for LSU and then drop off against Kansas. It will take more than one game to show me that. The good news is, we started our season playing above our competition, so there is some hope for sure.

I saw a lot of positives on Saturday. I thought Texas set the edge well, something i wanted to see. They did it! We also rushed the pass well and our DB's played their receivers really tight and, frankly, lights out for most of the game. With the exception of one explosive play, we stuffed the run and made a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback work his but off for that final 1 point win.

On offense, what can you say about our new freshmen O Line guys and our Sr Christian Jones. As a unit, they showed up. Ewers was as advertised, for one quarter at least, and Hudson Card has earned my respect. While I may have an opinion on who starts when Card and Ewers are injured, and we still all know who QB1 is, I'm done bashing Card. He was gritty and found ways to get the go ahead score late in the game.

I only have 3 minor complaints and a few observations. Complaint 1, I would have liked to see the run game a little more productive. But against a team like that, we sometimes get what we get. Bama played to stop the run and let a freshman QB beat them. And he may very well had. A healthy Card may have as well. Second, we still need to clean up the kick snaps. And finally, while I did see that Sark dialed up tons of different looks, and it was a good game plan, I felt like there were a few plays that were effective early on that he could have gone back to and just didn't. Almost like he had so many different plays dialed up, there wasn't enough game to go back to the ones that were successful.

Observationally, we know it can be argued that Bama perhaps played one of their worst games ever and Texas still couldn't beat them. I'm actually fine with that argument. Texas played a clean game, was grittiy and fought for 60 minutes. Young players stepped up and did nothing but kick butt all day long. And I loved to see it. Second observation, I will amend my previous statement that we really won't know much about this team until the OU game. No, after that kind of performance and 2 hurt quarterbacks, there is no doubht we can learn something through the Tech and WVU games. If we continue to show up and play hard like we did Saturday, and we're doing it with a 3rd string QB, that will absolutely tell us a lot about the culture change of this team before the OU game. Does it mean we need to be planning on a Playoff rematch if Ewers gets healthy soon? No. This team is still young and has a long way to go. No Kool Aid remember! But it does mean the corner we've all been hoping we'd turn is in process. And that feels REALLY good.

For UTSA, the comments are simple. With the possibility of playing a 3rd string quarterback, there is no question this is a trap game for us if we come out tired, hurt, or worried because the roster has changed so much. Jeff Traylor is an alum and was a name mentioned when Sark was hired. He wasn't ready yet, but he is a good coach. Don't doubt it. He will have his guys ready to play, and they are good considering their talent level. If Texas comes in too confident or too frustrated from last week, UTSA could sneak up on us.

I don't expect it yet. They'll have to show me that though. I think Texas will run the ball well, even if Bijan is dinged up and doesn't play. We have the backs to handle it. The run game will open up some easy throws to our great receivers and Texas will win. I'm thinking 28 - 21 for the good guys on this one.

Hook 'Em!

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