There are way too many conflicting and overlapping "stories" at BON during games.

We had the game thread, the live reaction stories, the other live reaction stories, etc. This is nonsense. I'd almost rather have to endure the constant and overwhelming scam and spammer threads in GTs from the past so-and-so years than this nonsense clickbait. It is a distraction at the very least. Use Twitter for that stuff; I mean come on! And be honest with yourselves, BON. You did less than nothing over several years to cull those "WATCH IT HERE" scam posts in gameday comment threads. Coral may offer you some autopilot bailouts on that kind of stuff, but the other actions you're taking are starting to become very clear to us fans. Good thing you aren't charging $$ for content, I guess, and I do appreciate Wescott Eberts detailed reports on all things Texas football related.

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