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BON Roundtable: Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks

Texas plays football this weekend!

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Texas Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Gameday weekend is here. The Texas Longhorns will be playing football this Saturday. Where is your level of excitement for this season?

Wescott Eberts (@SBN_Wescott) - I think my baseline level of expectation for any football season is around an 8, but I would say that this year I’m especially excited to see the debut of Quinn Ewers, the improvement of Bijan Robinson this offseason, the speed of Xavier Worthy, and Kelvin Banks era kicking off at left tackle.

Cameron Parker (@camerondparker) - I’m not expecting a National Championship or Big 12 title, but I think this year will be the most fun since the 2018/Sugar Bowl season. I’m also just happy football is back.

Gerald Goodridge (@ghgoodridge) - I think we’re at a solid 8, especially because I’ve done a good job of modulating my expectations for this season. I avoided the Kool-Aid at all costs and I feel like I have a realistic expectation for the team, which, I hope, will allow me to have a much more enjoyable experience this season.

Daniel Seahorn (@) - My excitement level for the football season, in general, is always high, but I’m particularly excited to see how the young pups in the program fare on Saturday. The lights are going on in DKR and the score is being kept and that means the long off-season drought is finally over.

Nik Patel (@NothingbutNik) - I think I’ve gotten more reasonable in my expectations after the past decade but I’m still amped to see the progress we can make this season. I am intrigued to see some new Sark plays along with new and improved talent. Whether this sets up a good record for this season or the next one, just glad that college football is back.

How will you be watching the Longhorns this season?

Wescott - I’ll be in the press box for the home games and the Red River Rivalry.

Cameron - At DKR. Section 15. Come holla.

Gerald - Depends on the week, but generally from the comfort of my sectional. My oldest is finally at an age where he’ll be ok if he stays up and watches some of the late games, so I’m pretty psyched for that.

Daniel - Typically from a front-row seat in my living room.

Nik – I treat Saturdays like an NFL redzone-filled Sunday watching games starting at noon up until the primetime evening showdowns. Looking forward to an evening game for Texas, because morning games that go poorly just ruin my mood for the whole day as every Longhorn understands.

Name one Texas player you think will have a great performance on Saturday

Wescott - Louisiana-Monroe really struggled in the secondary last season and lost starters to TCU and SMU, so I think Quinn Ewers has a big debut in Steve Sarkisian’s offense.

Cameron - Bijan. I’m expecting at least one 50+ yard TD run. But he might not even see a snap in the 2nd half so I’ll cheat and also say the RB unit.

Gerald - I wouldn’t be shocked for this to be an air-it-out game for Texas, trying to get Quinn Ewers some confidence as Alabama looms on the horizon. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him play a bit into the third quarter to get that “coming out of the locker room” experience and put up big numbers against a ULM team that Texas should be able to lean on.

Daniel - Quinn Ewers is likely going to be a trendy pick, but I’m picking Bijan Robinson. I’ve got him pegged for a couple of Sportscenter highlights as he tries to kick start his Heisman campaign.

Nik - I am going to go with Jahleel Billingsley. His amazing athleticism ought to be an incredible asset in this offense and is most likely why Sarkisian made sure to bring him over. If he can become an elite blocker in the run game as well, he will add another dimension to the offense.

What is your prediction for Saturday’s game against ULM?

Wescott - 45-10. I’m taking the under.

Cameron - Texas 53, ULM 13

Gerald - Take the under, but just because 39 points is a LOT of points, especially in a game that should appease concerns about the depth chart and show who the twos, and probably threes, are by the third quarter. I think something in the range of 45-17, with most of those ULM points coming late.

Daniel - 48 - 13 Longhorns. I expect the offense to dazzle a bit and for the defense to force a turnover or two. The Key is to get up early and break the visiting team’s spirit so you can get young guys lots of reps.

Nik - I will say something along the lines of 48-21. No doubt on the offense to come out strong, trying a lot of new things, rotating in new talent to experiment with, and giving ample rest times. However, afraid we will allow some more scores than we are comfortable with.