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BON Roundtable: Texas ahead of expectations?

Plus, predictions for Texas v. Texas Tech

UTSA v Texas Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

A lot of rumors about the potential return of Quinn Ewers this Saturday against Texas Tech. Does Texas need Ewers to play, even if he’s not 100%, to beat Tech? Or would you like to see him sit another week longer?

Cameron Parker (@camerondparker) - I feel better about the Horns chances of winning with Ewers at QB, but I don’t want to run the risk of him getting re-injured. Texas should be able to handle Tech with Card but either Sark doesn’t feel 100% confident in Card, or Ewers is a lot healthier than we thought. Or Sark is just trying to screw with Tech. Either way, I trust the coaching staff to make the right decision.

Gerald Goodridge (@ghgoodridge) - Honestly, the fact that Texas is traveling with four quarterbacks gives me a sense that he’s on the trip to suit up, but not play. Since it wasn’t a break or a tear, this is a pain management thing, so if he’s not 100% then why risk a re-injury so early in the season?

Daniel Seahorn (@) - I’d like to see him out there for the conference opener, but I am fine if they decide to let him rest one more week and come back for the West Virginia game. I think they need to have him back on the field for a tune before rolling into the Cotton Bowl against Oklahoma and not let that game be the first game back on the field. The carrying of four quarterbacks strikes me as an emergency situation in case something goes left up in Lubbock.

Curry Shoff (@) - Unless he truly is 100 percent, there is no reason to risk it in Lubbock.

It was a slow start for the Longhorns against UTSA, trailing 17-7 but finishing with a 41-20 win. Are you buying into the “this was a culture win” or are you concerned with the Longhorns' start?

Cameron - I think Jaylen Ford said it best after the win. If Texas goes down 17-7 with last year’s team, players are butting heads on the sideline and fighting. This year’s squad “didn’t blink” per Sark and I believe it. He’s been preaching that you really find out about the culture of your program when adversity hits and I would say that happened on Saturday. Now, it is week 3 and we still have conference play to get through but I feel more confident about the direction of this program.

Gerald - I said it two weeks ago, but the biggest takeaway from Bama was Texas’s ability to recover from a haymaker (or two). Against UTSA, Texas had the typical Texas “up for big games, down the next week” game, yet they managed to adjust, play fast, and win an ugly game convincing. I don’t know how most people define “culture wins,” but it seems like Texas finally has moved past the “oh here we go again” mentality and can bounce back

Daniel - Culture win. Teams in previous years would have had the deer in the headlights look once they got down with the crazy sequence of the surprise onside and trick play. This team buckled their chin strap, remained calm, and chipped away to tie it at half time. They played with poise and got back to what they are good at in the second half and UTSA only had a field-goal to show for their efforts. UTSA ain’t a pushover like they used to be and with Texas having to play a hobbled Hudson Card they definitely earned some kudos from me last Saturday.

Curry - That felt like a game Texas would fumble and lose in years past. Instead — down 10 after some lucky breaks — Texas outscored UTSA, 34-3. I don’t know if it’s a culture win, but it gives me confidence that this team is mentally stronger than last year.

Three games into the season and the Horns sit at 2-1, pretty much where everyone expected them to be heading into conference play. Has Sark and Co. impressed you so far?

Cameron - Yes. They lost to Alabama but looked like the more physical team and the more disciplined team. The offensive line has improved vastly in three games and PK’s defense is miles better than they were last year.

Gerald - 2-1 is exactly what I expected coming out of this run, but the fact that Teas had a shot to beat Bama so I’m salty. I think I’ve been most impressed with Kyle Flood’s group specifically and what it allows the offense to do. You’ve got to also give a shout-out to the development of the defensive line and linebacker groups, Bo David and Jeff Choate for leveling those guys up.

Daniel - So far they are about where I thought they should be record-wise. I think the team is improved in a lot of places, but some of those improvements will be put to the test in their first true road game of the season tomorrow.

Curry - I’m impressed that Texas is 2-1 (and should be 3-0), and I still feel like they are playing at 60 percent. I would love to see the explosive Texas offense I was envisioning come to life in Lubbock. At least, let’s hit on one deep ball (and get Worthy his first TD).

It might the Longhorns’ last trip to Lubbock as Big 12 foes. Is Texas Tech the opposing fanbase you won’t miss the most whatsoever? If not, who is No. 1 for you?

Cameron - Tech fans are the most illogical. They do bring the fire though and most other Big 12 fanbases not named Oklahoma don’t. I’ll miss the environments they create for Texas on road games but I won’t miss their fans being all up in our mentions.

Gerald - I’ve gone on record as saying how much I appreciate the way Jones AT&T is configured and what it does to create a home field advantage for them. I know plenty of Tech fans that are awesome and I love how they show up. That being said, I will not miss the Texas Tech keyboard gánsters

Daniel - Probably Baylor in that regard and that stems from the stuff that transpired during the Art Briles mess. I love Dave Aranda as a coach and what he is accomplishing there in Waco, but the folks who root for the program didn’t endear themselves to me at all during that saga.

Curry - I am in the minority but I love Texas Tech. They at least feel authentic to me. And Lubbock is an actual cool college football atmosphere. The school I won’t miss? TCU. Feels like Hill Country Fare-brand Texas without any passion or enthusiasm. Games in Fort Worth are even quieter than Texas during a losing season.

Score predictions for Texas vs Texas Tech

Cameron - Texas 34, Texas Tech 20

Gerald - Texas 35, Tech 21

Daniel - Texas 38, Tech 28

Curry - Texas offense comes to life. Horns 48, Tech 31