Do Not Think

that I am alone, in my frustration with Longhorns football, but I do believe that it is headed in the right direction, finally, and that this years team is much improved. 1) Better talent (though young), and much improved culture, and team closeness 2) PLAYERS are handling adversity, much better. 3) Improved defensive schemes, and player positioning, reference their 2nd quater performemce. (cannot blame the players for being worn out,from having to be on the field so much, due to poor 2nd half play calling, because our coaches could not adjust to the halftime adjustments, on both sides of the ball, by Tech coaches. 4)This teams greatest weakness is the coaches game management, and play calling, most notably, the lack of imagination on short yardage plays. I have no issue with the wilcat, actually believe it is a great scheme,BUT NOT WHEN YOU CALL THE SAME PLAYS, already defensed well by the opponent, and fault execution. Coach Sark admitted his failing in this regard, for last season, and somewhat this season, until he played the execution note. I will never understand, using a player recruited as a QB (now a top tier RB)not throwing, or pitching from this scheme. I would have to look at the defenses coverage of Card as precsier, and Sanders placing, but it seems a quick pass to either would get the few yards needed. 5) Our QBs have had, and will continue to have pressure, as our talented, but young OL develops, so I do not understand the lack of, deep QB drop back, sreen passes, the lack of jet sweepps, faking the bitch/hand off at times, but then passing to them once they reach the edge. Admittedily I do not know the Xs and Os of play calling, but I have watche other teams use these type plays, with great success, Georgia's play calling, the best

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