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LOOK: Shohei Ohtani gifts Kody Clemens signed baseball after Clemens struck him out

The first career strikeout for Clemens came against baseball’s two-way star.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Los Angeles Angels Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

The Rocket moniker certainly doesn’t fit, but Detroit Tigers infielder Kody Clemens did record his first career strikeout on Monday evening against Los Angeles Angels superstar Shohei Ohtani.

With Detroit trailing 10-0, Clemens came on in the bottom of the eighth inning and used a 68 mile-per-hour eephus pitch to punch Ohtani out looking.

The former Texas Longhorns standout has been making appearances on the mound in a tough season for the Tigers, allowing three runs in six innings over six appearances — hardly remarkable beyond the sorry need for Detroit to repeatedly use position players to preserve the bullpen.

But Clemens will never forget the pitch that put him *only* 4,671 strikeouts behind his famous father and now, thanks to Ohtani, he has the signed ball to commemorate the moment.

“What a nasty pitch!” Ohtani wrote on the baseball, which Clemens already has safely stored and labeled.