Premature Texas' SEC Obit:

The past few days I've noticed an article or two bashing Texas for 'not being back while TCU is' and already wildly predicting that Texas and OU are very ill-prepared and will be overwhelmed for SEC play, like this gem:

'If Texas doesn't learn after being taught a very specific lesson by Alabama twice, then perhaps the AAU designation that brings the university such prestige doesn't apply to its athletics department.'

'Quarterback Quinn Ewers, back-up quarterback Hudson Card, running back Bijan Robinson and cornerback D'Shawn Jamison, all essential to finally digging Texas out of the dumpster, came away injured in their Week 2 loss to the weakest Alabama team since Nick Saban's first team in 2007.'

'Texas has never had one of these with Alabama on the docket in a meaningful game, but will need to learn its lesson before time comes to enter the SEC, or, as history suggests, winning will continue to not happen in Austin.

The Longhorns lost Colt McCoy in the national championship game after Marcel Darius hit him with what would be a fairly standard SEC hit and snapped McCoy like a twig.'

Obviously, face-to-face meetings have no meaning to this guy, but, he correctly recalls Alabama won the last two meetings.

This reads as if written by an aggy on speed.

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