The Wheemers File - 2022 Season Wrap

That’s a wrap he said for times in the hillside of vagrant decency.

why this eternal but sublime perspeciois feeder???

I say that TEXAS has done the power striving forty seven times. 47, 47,

47. Those numbers added together are 11, multiplied is 28, results added is 39. + 8 (number of wins) ======= 47!!!!!

You know what this means?? National championship next year. The power base is thee. Sark has grapefruit for a meal 17 times a month. So I’m there with you. It’s time for the rising powers TJ fall in line. A Visas’s have conquered so many opponents. But tonight - we win. I’ve got the tee shirt. Do you????

well, DO YOU???

Fort Worth has nothing on Austin. Bear with me. Everyone else brings it to bear against us. But next season is our time.

2023 Season National Champions: Texas Longhorns.



believe it or leave it - and get outta here if your mind won’t let you buy.

It’s time for some Wabash Cannonball. For real. And keep it real.

hapoy off-ramp. Happy Offseason. Next season I’m baking resultant pies and meeting y’all in Tuscaloosa!!!

let’s feed

that’s a 2022 wrap

Wheemers Iut.

I mean, Wheemers OUT.

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