Fearless Predictions Game 6 - RRR


Armchair Analyst coming at you from the DFW airport - early - in fact. I have an out of town trip and wanted to get this out before I'm at my conference and don't have time.

Texas vs Kansas was amazing and frustrating, all at the same time and we have to hope that this team just keeps growing and improving. On the amazing side, Texas has only had 1 other game in history where a QB broke 300 a running back broke 200 and a receiver broke 100. And that was the 99 Oklahoma game with Major at the helm. If the score with those kind of numbers concerns you, it's good to note the 99 team only cored 38 when they hit those numbers. Huge drives, big yards, no punts and the Texas D hasn't had a team score more than 14 against them except Alabama. And they kept that below 25. Jonathan Brooks is finally getting a chance to prove me right about his abilities, and Quinn played a really clean game of ball. Texas finally had a fast, solid start in the first quarter and continued to make the necessary adjustments into the end of the game. All in all there was a ton to be happy about in this one.

On the negative side, Texas continues to leave a ton of points on the field. Quinn is good....but if I'm an NFL scout and am not a Texas fan, Quinn doesn't make my first round in the draft. Quinn plays like a good Sophomore but isn't quite there (for me anyway) when it comes to "this guy's the highest rated recruit of all time" conversation. Could he be? Sure! But to do so, he's got to make it consistent. Quinn needs to play like the Alabama game on a consistent basis if he wants to be a legit Heisman candidate and 1st round pick. The other thing I need to get out there is the starting running back. Coach Sark in his post game presser praised Brooks but made a specific point to throw Baxter in the conversation as well. Why? Sure Baxter is good. Great! But Brooks is RB 1 and everyone should see it now. it bothers me Coach Sark does not. it reminds me of when he incorrectly started Card over Thompson in year 1. Finally, the field goal game? Yikes. But that fits into the "too many unscored points" conversation. So we'll leave it there.

Over all, Texas is young.....but growing, making adjustments, and full of talent.

As for the Red River Rivalry, we are finally back to the proper name for the event. RRR is a wonderful triptych and the only correct name for this game and someone out there finally listened to me and brought it back. I haven't watched a lot of OU football honestly. They're winning. But they're not playing anyone. So, I'm excited we have a really good undefeated game that will host College Game Day once more.

Since I haven't watched much OU this year, all I can really say is, Texas should be in a good spot. For whatever reason, Sark and Quinn plays better against the OU's and Bama's of the world and, to be honest with you, I'm ready for it. last year's game was a total beat down, but OU was playing on their #2 QB. We have to note, Texas has played 2 second string QB's this year so we need to be ready for OU's best shot. By the end of the game, I think OU is too far behind Texas in their rebuild and I think Texas, worst case scenario, wears them down by the 4th quarter like we did to Bama.

I do believe OU will lead some in this game. It's a rivalry game and OU's hungry after the humiliation they suffered last season. But I think Texas pulls it out. Texas wins if they pressure the QB and run Brooks. Brooks should average 10+ a carry on this D and we keep the OU offense off the field. Don't get me wrong, I don't think we need to keep an explosive OU offense off the field to win, I just think it's the path of least resistance. Run, run and run some more. Will Sark do it? Nah, it's not his style. But it should be on Saturday.

I'm going to ride with Texas this season until they prove me wrong. Texas isn't back yet, but they're having a really great season. Texas 34 - 24 hook 'Em!

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