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TCU Roundtable: Longhorns, Ewers primed for big win in Ft. Worth?

Our staff roundtable answers questions about Ewers, the win over Kansas State, and predictions for TCU

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I’m still not sure how Texas held on to defeat Kansas State last week, but they did and now the Longhorns are in the driver's seat for the Big 12 Championship. Sark has called this team “versatile” and it’s hard to argue with a variety of different wins this season. What was more impressive last week: the offense finding a way to win despite injuries or the defensive stops in the 2nd half?

Daniel Seahorn (@DanielSeahorn) - I don’t think the offense found a way to win last week, so give me the defensive stops in the second half. The defense had its back against the wall a lot and with the game in the line, they came up with the goal line stand to win it.

Gerald Goodridge (@ghgoodridge) - It had to be the defense in spite of everything. Frankly, the offense was a big part of why KSU came back in the first place. And yes, the Wildcats found the soft underbelly of the defense, but when the chips are down in overtime the strength of the defense came together and willed them to a victory.

Cameron Parker (@camerondparker) - Last NFL weekend we saw the Eagles and Chiefs defense force critical stops late in the game to win. Their offenses shut down and although neither defense was perfect, they found a way to get a stop and win. Where am I going with this? Winning teams find a way to, even if it’s ugly, and that described the Texas defense against Kansas State.

With Quinn Ewers back at quarterback, Texas will finish the season _________.

Daniel - 11-1 with a chance to win the Big 12. Ewers back in the saddle for the final three changes the match and trajectory for this team.

Gerald - Doing what the soccer team did, taking a conference trophy with them to the SEC.

Cameron - …winning the Big 12 Championship.

Congrats to Gerald on being the only one to correctly pick Texas last week! RIP to your mentions Daniel and Cameron. Are any of you picking against the Longhorns this week? Or will Sark remain perfect on the road at TCU?

Daniel (7-2) - Never been happier to be wrong. I’m back to picking the Longhorns over the Horned Frogs this week. As I said above, Ewers being back changes the math considerably. Texas should be able to establish the run against TCU and that will open things up for Ewers in the intermediate game. Texas 38 TCU 24

Gerald (8-1) - I’m the king. Where’s my crown at? But on a more serious note, I would be SHOCKED to see Texas struggle in this game. TCU’s defense struggles to stop explosive plays and that’s kind of what Sark builds the offense for. With what happened last year, if these kids are ready to get it back in blood you may have to check them for a pulse. Texas 35-17.

Cameron (6-3) - I’m 0-2 when I pick the Longhorns to win so maybe I should just keep picking against them because it seems like they’ll win. But I can’t pick against Texas if QB1 is back. Texas 38, TCU 17