Fearless Prediction Game 11 - ISU


I've posted enough about the patter I see emerging in HOW Texas is winning games, and I've emphasized over and again how much I believe we need an OC calling plays of us. That said, I am still happy we're 9-1 and want to also emphasize how great it is that Sark got us to this point in only 3 years. The talent is there. The problem is, I think we have championship talent right now and the in game play calling decisions will keep us out of the playoffs. It's sad, but true. But not bad for a 3 year turn around. My concern is that it's just going to be an ongoing, long term, issue. And that's where i'm at with it. Sark is still the guy, he just needs more time in the day. An OC calling plays gives him that.

Enough of that. IS comes in with some winning strength but if you look at their wins, it's verses teams with like a 7-22 record. So I'm not terribly worried about ISU's streak or record. What worries me more is simply ISU's history vs Texas, especially in Ames. This Texas team is different of course, and I'm betting on that for tomorrow's game. I'm also betting on the ISU's OLine guy who shot of his mouth, (he's not important enough to mention his name), gives Texas some much needed hate fire to fuel a better, more consistent game. And we need that game too. Right now it's possible the Playoff Committee will look at how Texas has won the last number of games (many by only winning 1 half of ball) and may keep them out on that basis alone. Granted, Texas travels well and brings $$$ but hey, if we want in, we need some help. And the best thing we can control going forward is how dominantly we win the last 2 games.

I still think ISU will figure some Sark stuff out and make us look dumbfounded at times, but not as much as in the past. I think Texas plays well in at least 3 of the 4 quarters and we win convincingly. Yes, J Brooks is out and that's a ton of production, but I think we can produce enough in the run game to keep ISU honest. The rest is up to Quinn and his talent. I expect a big day in the passing game and a good win for Texas. Ive got the good guys 42-21. Hook 'Em!

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