Long-ish ESPN article chronicling Jimbo's downfall at A&M

Since I have to meet a minimum word count, I'll excerpt a little bit of the article. That said, it's really not all that interesting. Just what most of us saw trending in his last three seasons at Florida State where he went 10-3 (bowl loss), 10-3 (bowl win) and then 5-6. He didn't win more than 6 conference games after the championship and never achieved 10 wins at A&M in 5 complete seasons before being fired late this season.

AFTER THE WORST offensive season of Fisher's career -- the Aggies averaged 22.7 points a game last season -- Fisher hired Bobby Petrino to take over the offense. The Aggies had a potential superstar at quarterback in Conner Weigman and skill position talent all around him, including receiver Evan Stewart. There was cautious optimism around the 2023 season. A longtime SEC personnel director called Texas A&M's roster one of the best three in the league this year.


And it didn't help that the quarterbacks were battered. In this year's game against Tennessee, Pro Football Focus said Max Johnson was pressured on 25 of his 39 dropbacks, or 64.1% of them.

According to ESPN Stats & Information research, Texas A&M QBs were hit on 51.7% of their dropbacks in the Alabama and Tennessee games. Among the 75 FBS teams with a minimum of 50 dropbacks over that two-week span, A&M was the only school with a QB contact percentage of more than 50%. The next closest were Kent State at 49.4% and Akron at 47.2%.

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