Fearless Predition Game 12 - TTU


The end of the regular season means the end of happiness for many of us. It's a signal that something we love so very much is one or so bowl games away from another long slumber through winter, spring and summer. I don't like it that the season doesn't last. But it is what it is.

Last week, we saw a better game vs ISU. Sure, Texas started slow, but we finally got to see the adjustments we've been asking for. In fact, that Texas team is the one we've been hoping to see since the Alabama game. Yes, Baxter kept the run game going just fine. He's young and didn't quite have the explosives that JB seems to pull of so very regularly, but Baxter's production was fantastic. Worthy got hit on the funny bone and 95% of everyone loses that ball. Yes the refs tried, but we know how obvious they were last year, so they're at least trying to hide it this year. ISU got their championship game out in the first half and Texas managed to adjust at halftime, we beat the refs, JWhitt actually got some touches, and Texas let their depth and talent take over and dominate through the end of the game. It wasn't the prettiest firs half, but I was happy with how we won and I hope you were too. ISU has had our number in Ames, and win or lose it's usually ugly.

Should the crazy happen and we have 5 or six playoff worthy teams I'm still not convinced we're a playoff team (as I wrote about in another article) but I would definitely have a different tune had a good number of our previous games looked more like this one. I don't yet really know what to think about where Texas should end up if we're in a tiebreaker, but given our game play this year, I wouldn't be upset if we were left out. It was a good season, Sark hit 10 wins faster than we could have hoped, and he has a culture and talent to be happy about. Now if we could just get him to let our coordinator call the plays, we'd be in good shape next year as we enter the SEC. Let's hope the guys coming up can fill the shoes of the guys leaving.

Before we can enter the playoff conversation legitimately, we've got to beat TTU. Tech comes in with an average record, we get them at home and our defense still seems healthy. What more can you say. We will make them one dimensional and that will be enough. Tech will do what everyone else does, try to play their national title game vs Texas, but our depth, talent and experience will win out. Especially at home. My hope is that Texas throttles them. I love to hate TTU. But it doesn't seem to be our style. Texas wins falling down gracefully in 2023 and that's what we've got to understand about this team. But they do win. Let's do it one more time this year and set a date for the Big 12 title. I like Texas 34-19. Hook 'Em!

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