Who Texas Texas Wants to Face in Big12 Championship and Why?

Top three contenders: OU, OSU, and K-State. Your thoughts on why or why not?


Pros: We can shut down their running game. We won't be as "49-0" cocky meeting them the second time around. Players that were out in the first meeting will be back in the second. Second time meeting usually results in a different outcome (2018)

Cons: Gabriel can still fling the ball and he'll be out of concussion protocol by then. Their WR don't fear our DBs. Sark didn't manage the game very well against them the first time.


Pros: Want to defeat the Mullet one last time. We can stop almost all great running backs. Their defense is so-so. They don't run the pure 3-3-5. We've learned to adjust to 3-3-5.

Cons: Ollie Gordon will be the best running back we've faced. They still run some 3-3-5. Mullet gets his teams up for Texas. After carousel of QBs, he's finally settled on one and is willing to play him the entire game.


Pros: Beat them once [cough] barely. We know they can't run against us. We play them with Ewers instead of Murphy.

Cons: No Brooks. Barely beat them. QB is no slouch. We can't defend their crossing patterns.


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