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No. 7 Texas vs Texas Tech Roundtable: Best case, worst case scenarios for the Longhorns

And is Friday’s game the biggest of Steve Sarkisian’s head coaching career?

NCAA Football: Central Florida at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

If the Texas win over Alabama is Steve Sarkisian’s best win yet, is Friday’s game against Texas Tech the biggest of his career in Austin?

Daniel Seahorn (@DanielSeahorn) - Given that it will put Texas (finally!) in the Big 12 title game and keep their playoff hopes alive I think you can make that case. It also would give Texas another notch on their belt for the revenge tour after what took place in Lubbock last year and over the off-season. This team should be plenty motivated for this game come Friday.

Gerald Goodridge (@ghgoodridge) - With everything on the line this weekend, it has to be. If Texas wins this game, they are in the Big 12 Championship and in prime position to make its first trip to the College Football Playoff. Especially after Joey McGuire’s pop-off after last year’s game puts a lot of personal feelings on the line as well.

Cameron Parker (@camerondparker) - I’m hesitating saying yes because I don’t want to give the satisfaction to Texas Tech by admitting beating them would be the best win of Sark’s tenure but considering it would put Texas in the Big 12 Championship for just the second time since 2009, I’ll agree with my colleagues. Now, if the Longhorns do win, it’ll last for just a week since the Big 12 title game will be the biggest game of Sark’s head coaching career.

Your best-case Big 12 Championship outcome for this weekend is a Texas win and…

Daniel - a matchup with a team that ideally wants to run the football, so that means Oklahoma State or Kansas State. We all know by now that Texas is elite against the run. Texas absolutely stifled the Wildcats’ run game a few weeks ago, and Gundy is going to run the hell out of Ollie Gordon health be damned.

Gerald - an Oklahoma State win. The popular choice is to try and get some get back for OU, but there’s always next year. The one team that Texas hasn’t played this year that I want to leave with a big fat L as a parting gift is the fighting Gundys. It’s not just a schematic advantage for Texas, but it’s really all about slamming the door on the way out.

Cameron - My heart is telling me Oklahoma but my brain is telling me Oklahoma State. I think the Cowboys are a better match-up for the Longhorns and I worry more about Dillon Gabriel than I do Alan Bowman.

Your worst-case matchup in the Big 12 Championship is Texas against…

Daniel - Not that I think Texas couldn’t beat them in a rematch, but Oklahoma with a healthy Dillion Gabriel had the Texas defense out of sorts in more ways than one. I had the runback of the Cotton Bowl as the most likely outcome for the title game, but obviously, that’s not a lock to happen.

Gerald - Oklahoma. Of all of the likeliest choices, that’s the only one that really gives me a significant amount of pause.

Cameron - I’m not really afraid of Oklahoma but I’d rather play Kansas State or Oklahoma State than the Sooners again just because of their offense. Either way, give me all the smoke because Texas is better than all three of those teams.

Last predictions for the regular season. Will Texas win their last match-up against Texas Tech as Big 12 rivals?

Daniel (9-2) - Just like last week, Texas will be plenty fired up for this game given what happened last year in the matchup and what was said in the off-season. When you have the conference commissioner actively rooting against you that will certainly light a fire under your ass or at least it should. When you add in that they have to win to secure their spot in the Big 12 title game, this team should have zero issues getting up for the Red Raiders on Friday.

I’m taking the Longhorns Friday to secure their Big 12 title berth and keep their playoff hopes alive. Longhorns 34 Red Raiders 24

Gerald (10-1) - First of all, should I go ahead and take my victory lap now or wait another week? Texas Tech is a team that wants to make its money on the ground offensively, which is an advantage for Texas. Defensively, they’ve given up some big yardage on the ground, which again I think is an advantage for Texas. I think we might have a lower-scoring affair, but Texas wins out 28-14.

Cameron (8-3) - Texas 34, Texas Tech 20