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Roundtable: Buying or Selling Texas Baseball?

Plus, what has stood out the most from spring practice so far


Well, college basketball season is officially over and after next week’s Orange-White spring game, Texas baseball and softball will come into focus. What else will you be watching? XFL? NBA playoffs? Golf?

Daniel Seahorn (@DanielSeahorn) - Most likely will be binging some true crime docs and will pop in on the NBA playoffs here and there when they start up. My main focus is the NFL Draft, so I can see what the Houston Texans (plz no questions at this time) decide to do at the top of the draft. I’m firmly on team Bryce Young, but since they can’t even tank right it’s no longer a guarantee he ends up in deep steel blue.


I’m also really anxious to see where guys like Bijan Robinson and Roschon Johnson end up come draft night. I’m rooting for those guys no matter where they end up. Even if it’s Dallas.

Gerald Goodridge (@ghgoodridge) - In an effort to stay married, I try to skip most non-Longhorn sports over the summer. I’ll definitely will watch the NFL Draft and the NBA Finals, but there’s some house painting that needs to happen before fall that has my name on it.

Cameron Parker (@camerondparker) - Definitely will focus mostly on Texas baseball but also the NBA Playoffs and golf for major championship season.

After a 16-game winning streak, the Longhorns dropped two straight to Oklahoma State and host Kansas State this weekend. Are you buying or selling the Longhorns being contenders now?

Daniel - It’s hard to be skeptical after they run off 16 straight. I’ll say I’m buying right now, but there is still a lot of season left and we will see if they can continue to punch above their weight during conference play. I had this team pegged to take a big step back and so for they are surpassing my expectations.

Gerald - I’m buying. We’ve seen the freshman grow up quite a bit, even though they’re not all the way grown yet. They need to figure out how to close out good teams and avoid Sunday disappointments, but I’m definitely in on Texas right now.

Cameron - Contenders in the Big 12? Yes. Contenders to reach the College World Series? Not yet - I think the goal for this year’s squad would be to host a regional. After what we saw in the opening weekend, that would be quite the accomplishment. Pierce has had a few guys step up at the plate (Powell, Brown, and Guillemette) and the addition of Charley Hurley has been huge for the bullpen. All in all, I’m excited about the trajectory of team.

As we enter the last week of spring practice - what has stood out to you so far?

Daniel - Hearing guys like David Gbenda and Kitan Crawford are having good springs and look to be taking the next step in their development has stuck out to me. The light hadn’t really come on for either guy heading into the spring, so it’s encouraging to hear that things may be finally coming together. Both Crawford and Gbenda stand to log some rotational snaps if their spring performance translate to fall camp. I will be watching for them come the spring game.

Gerald - With Texas needing some answers at linebacker, it’s nice to hear Anthony Hill’s name coming up from his teammates. It’s also nice to hear Texas has legitimately built a stable at wide receiver after the lack of depth we’ve seen the last two seasons.

Cameron - I’m with Gerald. Anthony Hill probably has to be that guy with Texas losing Overshown. And it certainly sounds like he can be that guy from week 1.