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Roundtable: Dillon Mitchell returns, Texas holds off Louisiana

Plus, are there any other roster moves for Rodney Terry to make?

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Conference Tournament Championship - Kansas vs Texas William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

The dreams of hosting a regional were short-lived after Texas barely lasted 24 hours in Arlington. Now, they head to Coral Gables, FL where they’ll face No. 9 Miami, Maine, and Louisiana. How confident are you heading into this weekend?

Daniel Seahorn (@DanielSeahorn) - After what happened in Arlington my confidence is a little shaken. Seemed like the team might be getting hot after the weekend sweep of West Virginia, but then they turned around and laid an egg in the conference tournament. I’m not sure exactly what to think heading into the regional.

Gerald Goodridge (@ghgoodridge) - I have officially said that the baseball team should never play in Arlington again. This is the hard part with a young team like we saw against West Virginia, if they get hot and start feeling themselves, they can catch fire and beat really good teams. We also saw that when they struggle, that also seems to carry. I don’t bet, but if I did I wouldn’t put money on a team like that regardless of who they are.

Cameron Parker (@camerondparker) - Not super confident but I’m hoping the two-and-BBQ result in Arlington will spur the Longhorns this weekend.

What are your predictions for the Regional?

Daniel - I think they can rally to make it to the regional final, but I have them losing to Miami and not making it to the Super Regional.

Gerald - I’m going to say I think they’re going to make it out. I have zero justification for that, but I want to live in hope.

Cameron - Eliminated by Miami in the Regional finals.

In a little bit of a surprise move, Dillon Mitchell announced his decision to return to Texas. What other roster moves would like to see RT make?

Daniel - Losing out on Love to Arizona was a bummer, so I’m curious if they still try to add one more experienced guard from somewhere. Texas has been linked to Arthur Kaluma since he withdrew his name from the NBA Draft and that would be another solid addition for Rodney Terry if they are able to land him. I was mainly concerned with the depth of the roster going into the off-season, and Terry has done an admirable job of plugging gaps with experienced players from the portal.

Gerald - I think the team is really looking good in the frontcourt, but I would love to see Texas add a piece in the backcourt. RT and company have done an admirable job of rebounding after the decommits from this recruiting class, but I still think they are one piece shy of the depth I’d prefer at the guard spots.

Cameron - I gotta say boys - I like the way the depth on this roster looks and I don’t think RT is done just yet. Arthur Kaluma will be a target along with likely one more guard after Caleb Love announced his commitment to Arizona. Any more moves Texas makes is a luxury but I feel confident about where this roster is headed now.