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Roundtable: Red River Rivalry, Horns Down, and Texas Baseball

Oh yeah, it’s the off-season baby

NCAA Football: Big 12 Football Media Days Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

You knew we are in the dog days of the off-season when our biggest story is the Texas-Oklahoma series going back to the Red River Rivalry. Do you like it? Or do you prefer Shootout or Showdown?

Daniel Seahorn (@DanielSeahorn) - Regardless of the rebrandings, it has always been the Red River Shootout in my head and that is my preference.

Gerald Goodridge (@ghgoodridge) - Red River Rivalry is fine and an upgrade against Showdown. It’ll always be the Shootout to me, although I get why they have decided to scrap the name.

Cameron Parker (@camerondparker) - I like the alliteration with the Red River Rivalry. “Showdown” sounded too corporate and I’m pretty sure I never called it that anyways. As long as it’s still played at the Cotton Bowl in October, you can call it whatever you like.

It’s not the offseason without a “Horns down” question. The SEC released a statement from its coordinator of officials about the gesture - saying it depends on how it will be done. What’s the right way to penalize the “horns down” gesture, if there is one?

Daniel - Never understood how this entire thing evolved into being an actual penalty on the football field. If you don’t like people doing the gestures like the “horns down” then beat their ass on the field and render it moot. That’s my take on the topic.

Gerald - It is objectively the dumbest non-story that pops up every offseason, prompted by one of the softest penalty calls I’ve ever seen and a weird response from a head coach. I’m of the mindset of “don’t want them to talk trash then don’t give them something to talk trash about.”

Cameron - Don’t penalize them, that’s the right way. Why are we so soft now? Talking trash is a part of the game and I love it.

It’s a bit old news, but David Pierce announced that he won’t add another pitching coach. Instead, Pierce will handle those duties himself and also announced Troy Tulowitzki is returning to the staff. Are those moves enough for the Horns to take the next step and win a CWS?

Daniel - I love bringing Tulo back and getting him on staff in an official capacity. Having a former big leaguer with skins on the wall is beneficial for the on-field product, as well as in recruiting. As far as Pierce becoming the pitching coach… I hope he is the solution for the pitching struggles that have plagued the program, because if there isn’t improvement then all of the blame will fall squarely on his shoulders.

Gerald - Can’t blame an experienced pitching coach to take it into his own hands when he can’t find one that does the things he wants in some way, shape, or form. I think the favorable outcomes in the MLB Draft really set him up for success and bringing Tulo back really puts him in a favorable position to have specific areas of focus.

Cameron - It’s a decision that leaves no room for error. If the pitching staff struggles again this year, Pierce has no one else to blame but himself. But as the pitching coach at Rice, the Owls staff had five years whose ERA’s ranked inside the top 30. He’s butted heads with Sean Allen and Woody Williams so why not do it yourself?