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Big 12 Media Day Preview Roundtable

The Texas Longhorns enter their final Big 12 Media Day with lofty expectations

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Days Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Big 12 media preseason poll is here and the Texas Longhorns are ranked No.1. Properly ranked or overrated?

Daniel Seahorn (@DanielSeahorn) - Based on what Texas has returned this year I don’t think it is a stretch to say the voters got this one right. They are a top 2 team in the league from a talent perspective and if Quinn Ewers takes the next step they will likely be competing for the Big 12 title at the end of the year. They still have to go out and put it together on the field, but talent and experience won’t be lacking in 2023.

Gerald Goodridge (@ghgoodridge) - It makes me uncomfortable to say this, but I think they’re properly ranked. This is a team that is not only crazy-talented at the top end but has a tone of talent in the trenches. I think a lot of the talent is just on the right side of inexperience, but will likely take a few games to reach its final form.

Cameron Parker (@camerondparker) - Properly ranked because if Texas doesn’t win the Big 12 this year - it will be a disappointing season.

The Longhorns landed five players on the Preseason All-Big 12 team including the only unanimous player (Xavier Worthy) and the Defensive Player of the Year (Jaylan Ford). What did you make of the list and was anyone snubbed?

Daniel - Was happy to see Ford get some more recognition, as I think he was snubbed in the postseason All-Big 12 awards last year. Overall I didn’t really have any quibbles with the list. I might have spotted Adonai Mitchell for Newcomer of the Year because if that dude stays healthy he’s going to be a monster in Sark’s offense.

Gerald - I think the guys that made the list all seem to make sense and seeing Jaylan Ford get the recognition as the Player of the Year should be very valid. With that being said, what the heck does Jahdae Barron need to do to get the recognition he deserves? The kid was a baller for Texas last year with 78 tackles, 11.5 tackles for loss, two interceptions, and five PBUs and rightfully should feel a little put off by the fact that he wasn’t included.

Cameron - I don’t really understand how Ford and Jalon Daniels are named Offensive and Defensive players of the year, yet aren’t unanimous? But I’m just picking. The only name that I thought deserved to be on the list and wasn’t is Jahdae Barron. You’re telling me he isn’t a top-5 DB in the Big 12 this year?

With the Big 12 Media Days next week at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Steve Sarkisian is bringing Quinn Ewers, Xavier Worthy, Jordan Whittington, Jahdae Barron, and Jaylan Ford with him. If you got to ask any of the above one question - what would it be and to who?

Daniel - It’s close between asking Ewers what made him to finally decide to cut the mullet and asking Whittington if Brittany Renner ever hit him back on Twitter back in the day.

Gerald - My serious question would be “It seems like every other year is the year Texas is going to break through, so why is this one any different?” My joke question would be “What teammate would you least like to date your sister?”

Cameron - I’m interested in knowing if Sark thinks this is the most talented QB room he’s ever coached. I also want to ask everyone not named Quinn Ewers if they would ever post a thirst trap picture like the QB’s did…