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Reacts Results: Oregon and Washington’s move to the Big Ten surprises the college football world

And by the time you read this, Stanford and Cal may be in the ACC

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By the start of the 2024 season, you will likely need a guide to remember which schools are in what conference. Texas and Oklahoma will be in the SEC, but San Diego State? Stanford? Arizona State?

Well, we at least know that the Sun Devils will be in the Big 12 along with Arizona and Utah but our SB Nation reacts voters didn’t think that was the most surprising move of the conference realignment.

Instead, our results show it was Oregon’s and Washington’s decision to join the Big Ten.

The PAC-12 is now the PAC-4...for now...with the Big Ten expanding to 18 members. Meanwhile, the Big 12 will be up to 16 members. Might be time to rename some of these conferences?