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WATCH: Texas season opener hype video

“It’s really not what anyone else thinks, it’s about what we do. We know who’s behind us. Now let’s go play.”

NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Longhorns are hours away from kicking off the 2023 season against the Rice Owls at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on Saturday afternoon and that means Friday is for wearing burnt orange and white and facing the annual hype video.

The video begins with voiceovers of commentary from college football pundits about the program while scenes from fall camp are displayed.

After a video of the entire team huddling is shown, Steve Sarkisian takes over as the mood of the video changes.

“It’s really not what anyone else thinks, it’s about what we do.”

Videos from winter workouts begin to play including multiple types of sprints as Sarkisian continues.

“I think this team is on a mission. This is why they do 6am winter workouts. This is why they do the summer runs in 100-whatever-degree temperature. This is why we do training camp. It’s for 12 Saturdays in the fall. This is what all the hard work is for.”

Director of Football Performance Torre Becton takes the microphone from Sarkisian as clips from summer sand workouts are shown.

“Every one of you guys told us what you’re trying to accomplish this season. There’s only one way to do it. It’s gotta become a part of our DNA to not rely on talent. We need to rely on toughness. We need to rely on grit. We need to rely on determination. That’s what matters at this point.”

If that wasn’t enough, Becton begins commenting on what is required to be excellent as further workout clips are shown. The video transitions then from offseason workouts to fall camp and features a balanced dose of highlights from both sides of the ball.

A particularly clear angle of quarterback Quinn Ewers and wide receiver Xavier Worthy connecting in the end zone is shown as Sarkisian ends the video with a direct message to all those watching:

“There’s a lot of pride in wearing this across our chest. We know who’s behind us. Now let’s go play.”

Any lingering doubts about whether this team was aware of the expectations or willing to put in the necessary work for success are swiftly dispelled in this video. They’ve put in the effort for these Saturdays.

Brace yourselves, Longhorn Nation, the moment of reckoning has arrived. Let’s go play.