Reflections from Tuscaloosa

First of all, wheembridge was there…there was a palpable sense of worry on the part of Alabama fans pregame. How does we know this? Becuz it manifested itself through the means of slightly over the top nervousness and curiosity. In other words they were too polite.

Bama fans get football. And they were not super fired up…

the Texas team was on the field early. Lots and lots of warm up. They spent a good hour vibing and hacking with our fans and the Alabama students. Our guys were having a lot of fun. Loose and dialled in.

Texas was out there for a good hour before Alabama showed up. Alabama looked tense, militaristic, and angry. Texas looked happy, chill, and locked in.

Sark looked relaxed. Saban looked tensed up. It was a little weird. We kept waiting for the stadium to get loud. They all enjoyed sweet home alabama, but there were a lot of remakes about just how much burnt Orange made it inside the stadium.

A lot of Bama people resold their tickets. A lot of their fans came to party and tailgate. Texas fans came for business.

from our opening interception onwards Texas looked better, faster, and even bigger. They played bigger. It wiz awesome.

The tide tried to git it rolling - but they couldn’t because we just kept stopping them. Every time Bama fans would get into it a little, Texas would take their energy and destroy it.

It was not as an intense a place as red river rivalry. Nor is it like aggy or lsu. It’s a big place, but it was kinda chill. I mean Lubbock can be crazier per capita. Bama fans super classy and good losers. Two great fan bases.

They were in shock. Had nothing to say. They have just not seen anything like this in many many years. They didn’t know what to do.

It’s all coming up burnt orange. Also Bucee’s very cool at 3am.

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