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WATCH: Texas posts electric mini movie recap after Alabama win

After a huge win for the program, Texas football released a recap of the trip to Tuscaloosa and the 10-point win for the Longhorns.

Syndication: USA TODAY Aaron E. Martinez / USA TODAY NETWORK

Last week’s victory against the Alabama Crimson Tide put the entire country on notice. In what some are calling the biggest win for the Texas Longhorns program in over a decade, the Longhorns travelled to Tuscaloosa and took care of business from start to finish, a win that has many people looking forward to what is in store for the rest of the season. But, if you missed the game or just want to relive the game, Texas released a video to do just that.

The video portrays the entire experience from the game, beginning with the bus ride into Bryant Denny Stadium and ending with post game clips. The mini movie includes voiceover from various college football announcers including Kirk Herbstreit and Craig Way. Clips from before the game, make it clear that Texas was ready for this matchup.

Head coach Steve Sarkisian put it succinctly.

“We don’t fear them. We can’t fear them. We respect all, we fear none.”

Syndication: Austin American-Statesman Aaron E. Martinez/American-Statesman / USA TODAY NETWORK

A particularly exciting moment from the film is the touchdown between sophomore quarterback Quinn Ewers and junior wide receiver Xavier Worthy. While the touchdown was pivotal in the game, the mini movie shows the faith that Texas teammates have in each other. As the ball is in the air and he is running a route, freshman wide receiver Johntay Cook raises his arms into the air in celebration well before the outcome of the play was decided. Cook knew the end result before anyone else.

Syndication: Austin American-Statesman Aaron E. Martinez/American-Statesman / USA TODAY NETWORK

The confidence in each other was clear in other moments as well. Later on in the mini movie, Ewers can be seen telling people on the sideline, “It’s coming. It’s coming.”

And what happened? Well you know the result but Ewers’ message came at a point where game still could have gone either way. The Longhorns were in a heavy weight fight and his unwavering resolve that the team would respond every time Alabama tried to claw its way back into the game couldn’t have been more true.

Syndication: Austin American-Statesman Aaron E. Martinez/American-Statesman / USA TODAY NETWORK

After the game Ewers told cameras, “This is what we do. This is what we’re on now. We always trust Coach Sark. He’s got it dialed up. If we prepare the way we prepare, we’re hard to stop.”

Other Longhorns echoed a similar message. Junior defensive lineman Byron Murphy II exclaimed, “This what we do, baby!”

Soak it in. Enjoy the moment. This is what we do.