Fearless Predictions Game 3 - Wyoming

I'm moving RN, thanks for your patience with my late post and any spelling and grammar issues as I am on my phone.

Last week was historic and we can definitely drink SOME kool aid. This wasn't a win on a mistake. This wasn't a win because of injury. Texas literally dominated Alabama in every phase of the game in their own home. So some kool aid. But remember, Texas has a history of playing up and down to their competition and they aren't "back" until we get consistent 10 win seasons. Ah lah, Tom Herman has a single 10 win season and got fired.

Some positives...

1. Ewers is healthy. I never thought he was healthy last year. He just looked off after "healing". He was just probably healthier than Card and had more upside too.

2. Texas did almost everything I said they needed to do to win. They have fixed the kicking game. Sark is adjusting much better in the 3rd quarters of both games. While they didn't run as much empty as I hoped, they started in empty so he's listening to Babers. Plus, I think he uses some motion to hide empty when that's what he's really running. Additionally, Texas used the short range passing game to open the deep ball and they didn't abandon the run game when it wasn't working. Texas eventually wore Bama down and the run worked. I also said they needed to make Milroe pass and they did exactly that. For once in my life someone read my post. (Joking). Lastly, we have our answer to the question of what Coach K would be like without Patterson. Quite good it seems. Texas won in the trenches and with their skill positions. You can't ask for more.

What I loved about the game. O Line. Ewers had all day to throw and I only saw him hit once. D Line was vicious. They were chasing Milroe all night and he never had a good chance to set his feet. Milroe is an accurate passer if he's got a clean pocket. His pocket last week was dirty. And I loved it. I loved how Quinn has adjusted his deep ball and I loved our receivers were open a lot.

Texas is in the driver seat in the Big 12 and for the playoffs. If we play our game from here on out we're in. The question is, what Texas team shows up vs Tech, Kansas, TCU, Baylor and Kansas st. Texas is back to winning those recruiting battles in a massive way, so now all we need to do is take care of business in games we should win. Which gets us to our game of the week.

Wyoming is scrappy. They play with a chip. They beat Texas Tech. I expect a slow 1st quarter and small Texas lead at half. By the 3rd, I expect Texas to adjust and we see Maalik and Arch by the 4th quarter. If Texas struggles, they stayed in Tuscaloosa or partied too much. Since Ewers called a players only meeting on Tuesday, I'm going to assume this isn't going to be an issue.

What I want to see is Texas work on the run game and remain consistent in all other phases. Watch out for Wyoming trying to control the clock with the run game and keep Ewers off the field. It may work early and then Texas should shart striking quick to pull away after a turnover or two. I like Texas 45 17 in this one. It should be in the 50's or 60's but 45 is for the slow start.

Hook 'Em!

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