The Gambling Stories "Disguised" as Normal BON Content

So I got into it with some DraftKings and other lackeys dedicated to defending this site and the site owner's new business model of funneling Texas and other fans into the world of online sports booking. The story in question was wedged in between two regular BON articles about the usual stuff for this time of year in NCAA football - with the lede in white set against burnt orange backing - and with Texas making a return to the top 15 and now top 5. Point being that I think it's unethical, even in this uber-finance capitalist country to "trick" younger persons who may have access to their parents finances - often without parental knowledge - into clicking on a deceptive gambling funnel story and potentially creating a new life-long gambler without anyone else's possibility of intervening before there are drastic personal, familial or financial consequences.

Regardless, one of the other people with whom I interacted or simply read at the main SB Nation site mentioned that these stories tend to just ... POOF... DISAPPPEAR after the damage has been done. And guess what. They were right. What was at one time lodged right up top, to the right of the most immediate and pressing story at BON, and where I got into a bit of an argument with its defenders is now GONE. Completely. It's vanished.

Is that something that an above-board actor would do? Just delete and disappear a questionable advertorial designed to get people otherwise unaware of disinclined to easy online digital sports gambling sucked into the process? But no unlike the "REACTS Survey" surveys and stories it's totally gone. That's some friggin really scumbag business practice from a company (now sub-company) that used to be ALL ABOUT BUILDING FAN BASED COMMUNITIES.

Frankly I'm disgusted but I wanted to point out how blatant it is. They must have some corporate lawyer telling them "Nah you can't keep that kind of article up after the books have been completed and all money paid out because it's just too big a financial risk!"

Where is Barking Carnival when we really need it? (copied to a word processor for easy reposting when inevitably deleted/censored).

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