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Kansas Roundtable: Will Texas avenge the 2021 loss?

Plus, how good is the Longhorns defense and reaction from the win over Baylor

Texas v Baylor Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

In their most complete game of the season, the No. 3 Texas Longhorns dispatched the Baylor Bears with a 38-6 win at McLane Stadium on Saturday. What was the most impressive thing you saw from the Horns in the win?

Daniel Seahorn (@DanielSeahorn) - The pure and utter dominance by the Texas defense of the Baylor offense. They let them know from the opening snap that it was going to be a long day and a long day it was for them offensively.

Gerald Goodridge (@ghgoodridge) - The way the defense handled the quick changes was without a doubt one of the best performances we’ve seen in a very long time. On two occasions they forced a punt and earned a rest, only to have to put their helmets back on and head back onto the field. On both occasions, they bowed up and gave up just three points. In years past, Texas probably struggles or gives up points, but they held it down and kept them out of the end zone.

Cameron Parker (@camerondparker) - Redzone defense. The Longhorns are tied for the 2nd best red zone defense in the country with just half the opponent's trips to the red zone resulting in points. Even more impressive is that in those ten opportunities, only one touchdown has been allowed by Sark and PK’s defense. Baylor reached the red zone six times (two courtesy of muffed punts) and those possessions ended with a field goal, field goal, interception, downs, downs, and the end of the game.

The six points allowed by PK’s defense against Baylor is the 2nd lowest amount of points allowed in a conference game since Sark’s staff arrived in 2021. We know it’s a good defense, but is it “College Football Playoff” good?

Daniel - Ask me again after the next two matchups. Texas is going to be tasked with defending two of the best offenses in the conference and I think that will give us the best feel for what kind of defense Texas has this year. Right now I think they certainly have a good enough defense to win the Big 12. TBD if it’s CFB Playoff caliber.

Gerald - I’ve gone on record to say its elite, but these next two teams are going to be the best two offenses they’re going to face this year. It looks like a duck and quacks like a duck so far, but I just want to see it swim before I fully call it a duck.

Cameron - To determine how good a defense is, start with the defensive line. The Longhorns are 17th in sacks per game (3.25) and allow just 4.25 yards per play which is 10th best in the country. They’re also deep in the secondary - with a five-man rotation at safety. We’ll learn more about them after the next two weeks but I’m leaning towards the answer being yes.

For the first EVER in series history, the Kansas Jayhawks travel to Austin as a ranked opponent. KU enters Saturday ranked 24th in the AP Poll and 4-0 on the season. Are they legit?

Daniel - They’re a good team. Their offense is legit, but it’s going to be their defense that ultimately dictates how far they can go. Last year the Kansas defense got 50+ laid on them by the Longhorns in Lawrence. They will have to put up much more of a fight than last year on that end if they want to pull the upset in Austin.

Gerald - I think legit can mean a lot of things, especially given the context of Kanas. It’s clear that this is the best Kansas team that we’ve seen in 15 years and it seems like a foregone conclusion that they’re going to eclipse their win total from last year. Lance Leipold has done a great job of putting this team in a position to reach what is probably the ceiling for KU and they can probably get there this year.

Cameron - Let me put it this way - if you told me the Jayhawks would reach the Big 12 Championship game I wouldn’t be surprised. Coach Leipold has built depth at KU and Jalon Daniels, when healthy, is a top 3 Big 12 QB. Defensively, they’re are some concerns but on offense they have the weapons to compete with anybody.

Does Texas avenge the 2021 loss against Jalon Daniels and the Jayhawks?

Daniel (4-0) - The Jayhawks are well-coached and I respect the hell out of Lance Leipold. But I don’t think KU is sneaking up on Texas this year and they will take care of business and head into the Cotton Bowl undefeated to take on that team north of the Red River. Texas 38, KU 24.

Gerald (4-0) - This isn’t a trap game. This isn’t a letdown game. I would be shocked if Texas went into this game with any mission other than punishment for the narrative that follows them even two years removed from the loss. KU is going to score some, but I think Texas is a more complete team and comes away with a 35-20 win.

Cameron (3-1) - Texas 42, Kansas 20