Fearless Predictions Game 2 - Alabama


In my Rice prediction, I wanted to see 5 important things. And even with a preseason type feel to the game, I believe we got to see quite a bit. First, I believe the defense without Gary Patterson has improved. While we weren't playing Bama last weekend I believe the defense showed up. Our Line was extremely stingy and we created turnovers. The kicking game seemed better as well. I got the impression they've been working on it and we're headed in the right direction. Player development was 50/50 for me though. I didn't see as much as I had hoped on the O Line and Ewers still struggles deep. X however, was back to his freshman form. On the plus side, Sark seemed to adjust very well in the 3rd quarter after a slow start in the first half and we could definitely see our depth at almost every position. O Line being the obvious question mark on depth. All in all, I saw most of what I wanted and am hoping the few issues we struggled with against Rice are not only adjustable this week but were more the result of Texas coming out with a vanilla game plan so as not to tip their hat to Bama.Rice is Rice, but has a ton of 4th and 5th year seniors apparently. So, we may have seen a better team in them than most would believe.

This week will obviously be different. Texas will need to be ready to pull out all of the stops (except for trick plays, I think trick plays indicate you know it's a lost cause and you'll try WHATEVER to get a spark) if they want to win on the road in one of the most difficult road stadiums in the country.

What do I Want to See?

My hope is simple. Alabam is more of a rushing team this year according to analysts, and Milroe showed in their season opener he is still young enough he doesn't look off defenders or check down much. If he keeps telegraphing his throws like he did in game 1, and we can contain the run, we've got a shot.

On D, I want to see the defense read Milroes eyes when he throws and create enough havoc in the backfield that the run game is ineffective. Except for 1 long run play, we stopped their run game last year. Our depth on the interior defensive line should only improve those odds on Saturday. I imagine most teams will stack the box against Milroe and make him beat them with his arm. He probably can. So our DB's need to be really good at watching his eyes and posture so, when he throws, they know where he's going with the ball before he does. If we can do that, he's going to have a long evening.

On O, I want to see the offense play the short and mid passing game with a balance of runs. Let's face it, whether we blame the O Line play or we blame Quinn, Ewers is something like 1 for 17 throwing more than 20 yards since the bowl game. And that means Sark is going to have to deviate from his preferred play calling style. Sark loves to throw deep and doesn't seem to like the dink and dunk game at all. Against Alabama on Saturday however, that's exactly what he should do. For starters, Alabama knows Ewers can't throw deep and will likely stack the box and make him earn it. With a stacked box and a Bama quality defensive line, our run game needs to turn into a short and mid range passing game. Texas needs to expand the Alabama box by getting as many receivers under and over the box as possible. Quinn is money in the short to mid range, so let's play to his strengths and use the speed and size of our running backs and receivers to open up the field. This should open up the run game too, and for me, give Texas their best chances.

What Do I Think We'll See

On D I think we'll see Texas stack the box and Bama will run. The good news is, I think the Texas D is up to the task. Expect one or two fairly good runs and a handful of ten or fifteen yard passes. Sparingly. If Bama is going to score, they're going to have to grind three to four yards every play. And that's what we want. If they beat us, they're going to have to do it the hard way. Can they? Yes. So Texas will need a break or two as well. Most likely a mistake from Milroe.

On O I think we'll See Sark be Sark and Quinn be Quinn. he won't shift to a shorter passing game like I hope. Quinn will miss some deep balls we'll want back and the Texas run game will grind just like Bamas. I think the scheme will be genius for the first quarter or so and the big question will be how Sark adjusts as the Bama defense matches him. The big question is our O line. Are they up to the task?


This has low scoring, defensive game, written all over it. Texas has the advantage in that the Texas team is a tad more veteran at key positions than Alabama. Specifically quarterback. Alabama has the advantage in that, well, Nick Saban, and the home field. And for me, that's the difference. Home field advantage. The good news is, Texas doesn't need a win in Tuscaloosa to win the Big 12 or make the playoffs. So, as much as we want to show the world by beating Bama, it's not a necessary game to win. Just play well, handle business in the Big 12, and we'll be fine.

Alabama 20 Texas 17. Hook 'Em!

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