Texas can do better than Vic Schaefer - WBB coach

Time for my yearly rant that Texas can do better than Vic Schaefer.

Schaefer plays 80's basketball. Meaning No 3's are shot, and 2 plodding bigs are always on the floor. And the bench never plays - even though there are McDonald's all americans there. Recruits diminutive guards and slow footed bigs. That's not how today's modern basketball is played.

It's why against a team like OU that shot 27 3's to Texas' 9. Outscored by 21 points - from 3, equals a loss.

Next year in the SEC and going forward, Texas will probably never be better than 4th, behind South Carolina, LSU, and Tennessee.

Recruits want to join teams that shoot the 3. That's why Celeste Taylor (defensive player of the year at Ohio St) and Aaliyah Matharu (leading scorer for Florida) left Texas and Schaefer.

Lindsay Gottlieb (USC) should be Texas's target. She got the #1 recruit in the nation that's the #2 scorer in the nation as a freshman behind Caitlin Clark and has the #1 recruiting class in the nation for next year. She makes 1/3 of Schaefer's salary.

I'll make a prediction that Texas never advances to the Sweet Sixteen again with Schaefer as coach going forward.

Texas can do better.

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