"We don't need no five stars"

Most of us here on BON follow the football recruiting rankings closely and it's well known that almost all teams who win National Championships have recruited well and have talented rosters.

Except this year.

247 created something they call the "2023 College Football Team Talent Composite" which computes the recruiting rankings of every player on current rosters and ranks teams by total number of points. No surprises, the Top 3 are Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State, schools that have recruited top 5 classes almost every season. (Texas is # 6 and rising, with the last three classes in the Top 5.)

The big surprise is where Michigan and Washington rank, # 14 and # 26. Those two just beat Alabama and Texas, teams with 27 five star players combined, but UM has just 2 guys ranked 5* and UW has none.

What's going on? This article from Sports Illustrated offers a plausible explanation. The question is, is this season an anomaly or is it the start of a new trend?

Interesting reading.

SI article: Michigan and Washington’s Success Defies Recruiting Logic

247 link: 2023 College Football Team Talent Composite

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