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Texas vs. Notre Dame: Part II, the Modern Era

The modern era of the Texas-Notre Dame series includes three Cotton Bowl games and two regular season confrontations. Two of the Cotton Bowl games determined national championships for each of the teams.

Texas vs. ND: Part I, the early years

The early story of the Texas-Notre Dame series parallels the development of intercollegiate football from its scrappy beginnings to its arrival as a major centerpiece of American culture.

The history of Texas in season openers

For the first 60 years Texas seldom ever lost an opening game and 37 times didn't even allow a score, but in the last part of the 20th century, that changed. Despite a clean slate in the 21st century, opening games carry more significance.

Texas football from DKR to Mackovic

Mack Brown's essential mission was to rebuild the Texas Longhorn football program. He did accomplish most of it, collecting Texas' natural assets, setting the lead in recruiting, establishing continuity and cohesion in the program and winning a MNC.

RIP James Street: The passing of a real player

A trip through history at the first defining moment of former Texas quarterback James Street's career and his athletic achievements in Austin as a whole.

Texas vs WVU in 1956 and Today

It has been 56 years since the Longhorns have played the Mountaineers. That first game was a tight, low scoring, one-point game while Saturday night promises to be just as tight but certainly not as low scoring.

A Cool Night in Mississippi

Texas holds a 5-1 edge against Mississippi and hasn't played the Rebels in 46 years. However, the Longhorns have never played in Oxford and experienced that environment.

Get Out Your Shades

GTFO Aggies Series: T-2 Days - Aggie Pathos

The GTFO Aggies series continues with only 2 days remaining before their official departure from the Big12 and ties to Texas. Long-time BON contributor whills puts the Aggie suffering in perspective.

You Can't Always Get What You Want...

The Orange-White game introduces the new Texas offense. But it is not just the offense that will be new...the team will be freshly restructured as well in mind and body.