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Postgame Thread: Chaminade Stuns Texas, 86-73

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The Longhorns came out flat, and were beat by the Silverswords of Chaminade.

Jamie Squire

I am still not quite sure what just happened, other than Sheldon McClellan now has something in common with Ralph Sampson.

It was a perfect storm of poor play by Texas, combined with a great performance by the tournament hosts. The Silverswords hit ten three point shots, beat the Longhorns to loose balls, and sealed the game at the free throw line. Onetime Valparaiso guard DeAndre Haskins played the game of his life, scoring 32 points.

Texas will play again tomorrow, so at least we don't have to dwell on this game for more than a day.

This is your post game thread. Try to not burn the place down.