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Texas Longhorns Basketball: Javan Felix has hip surgery, no timetable for return

Texas' sophomore point guard went under the knife on October 1.

Resisting the urge to use a bad hip pun in the caption.
Resisting the urge to use a bad hip pun in the caption.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Numerous media sources are reporting that Texas' starting point guard Javan Felix had a successful hip surgery on October 1.

A 5-10 sophomore from New Orleans, Felix has not practiced with the team since undergoing a procedure on his hip Oct. 1. The procedure was successful, which is good news, but there is no timetable established regarding his return to action.

-- Mike DeCourcy (The Sporting News, October 9, 2013).

There is still plenty of time between now and Texas' first game against Mercer on November 8, but this is not good news. (We will get to Mercer in a few weeks, but I will just give you all a warning -- they are a good team.)

The depletion of the Longhorn basketball roster is almost comical at this point. Short of Cameron Ridley hurting himself during a Glenallen Hill-style nightmare about spiders, it is hard to see things getting worse. I advise Rick Barnes to put Jonathan Holmes in bubble wrap, keep Prince Ibeh out of arguments as to who was England's greatest prime minister, and make sure Connor Lammert lays off the nerve tonic.